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Reinventing Trading Venues: How AI Can Help Create a More Efficient Market

In this whitepaper shared with Traders Magazine, the Hegarty Group examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help traders execute more efficiently.

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If Members Exchange (MEMX) gets SEC approval and launches, do you think it will force downward pressure on market data fees?

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Technology Will Determine Buy-Side Winners

– Alternative data sets can drive organic growth through differentiated alpha generation.

Betting on Dystopia

– In an op-ed originally published on Project Syndicate, Harvard's Kenneth Rogoff likens cryptocurrency to lottery tickets that will only pay off only in a not-so-normal future.

Avelacom Expands Equinix Data Centers Between London and Tokyo

– The new London - Tokyo route delivers the lowest latency in the market – 145.3 milliseconds (round-trip).

TRADERS Q&A: Bea Ordonez, OTC Markets Group

– In an interview with Traders Magazine’s editor John D’Antona Jr, OTC Markets Group’s CFO Bea Ordonez gives her views on what’s in store for global execution, clearing and the exchanges in the coming year.

Empowering the Buy-Side Trader

– Buy-side traders work best when they have the right tools.

Ned Davis Research Launches White Label Insights for Wealth Managers

– This product was specifically designed to meet the ever growing need to provide expert financial insights while saving advisors time.

Cannabis Corner: Part 2 - Cannabis in America – A Winding Journey

– In this second part of our exclusive Cannabis Corner series, CERESLabs Barot delves into the beginnings of the cannabis market in the US, then onto its criminalization and to the present where its rapidly becoming legal.

Alt Data: A Work in Progress

– Banks and investment firms have increased their consumption of alternative data sets, but there are still challenges around selecting the most relevant data for trading purposes, according to panelists at a recent industry fintech conference.

ON THE MOVE: Janus Henderson Names Ho as Global Asset Head

– The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

SONIA: Trading Opportunities in an Emerging Benchmark

– SONIA futures are growing fast, but smart technology is needed to connect and scale up with the three exchanges that provide them.

Healthy Markets Advocates for Changes to SEC’s Order Handling Rule Reforms

– Healthy Markets, a financial markets consultancy, shared with Traders Magazine its latest comment letter on recent Order Handling Rule reforms. The consultancy believes the current reform package could have negative effects on smaller firms and brokers and proposes changes of its own.

Things You Learn After 1 Year of Day Trading for a Living

– In this blog, Andrew Keimer examines his successes and failures as a day trader over the last year.

The Value of Active Treasury Management

– BNY Mellon has published a new study exploring how actively managing the treasury function can create yield enhancement opportunities for fund managers. It has shared the paper with Traders Magazine.

Three Minutes With John Fennell, Chief Risk Officer At OCC

– In this shared blog, OCC’s John Fennell sat down and talked about how OCC supports market innovations, manages industry risk and addresses advancements in the derivatives space.

BSO and Kaiko Partner to Deliver Real Time Low-Latency Crypto Market Data

– The first implementation will see BSO delivering a live-streaming low-latency, secure market data feed from Equinix NY4 for current investors of Gemini.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Unraveling the Ramifications of the ETF Bubble

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Traders Magazine looks back to 2015 when one commentator argued the ETF market was near a bubble and how the market has fared since.

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