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Incentivizing a Better Market

In this blog from IEX, the exchange announces a first-of-its-kind fee that is designed to improve all trading, including the experience of displayed orders - the Signal Fee.

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Traders Magazine Online News

Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do They Work?

– In this shared article, the Chief Investment Officer at Evolve Funds explains the latest market craze - bitcoin futures - and how to trade them.

Hanweck Offers Real-Time Analytics on Bitcoin Futures

– The analytics will be available for both Cboe and CME bitcoin futures contracts.

Trading Ingenuity: Low Latency and Beyond

– Ian Grieves, Director, Product Management at Vela looks at some of the things that firms need to do with the additional capabilities around speed in order to stay ahead of their competition.

At Exchanges, Consolidation + Fragmentation

– In the last 10 years, can we say the equities marketplace has consolidated despite still having approximately 40 trading venues?

Long-Term Stock Exchange Chooses IEX to Launch New IPO Venue

– The collaboration will allow LTSE to accelerate the implementation of its innovative listing standards

SEC's Clayton on Cryptos and ICOs

– Securities and Exchange Commissioner Jay Clayton shares his thoughts on the recent cryptocurrency frenzy, initial coin offerings and offers guidance amid the hoopla.

After Solid Year, Compensation for Asset Managers Set to Fall

– Asset management professionals are enjoying a strong year in terms of compensation, but these favorable conditions might prove a brief respite.

Richmond Fed Announces Appointment of Thomas I. Barkin as Next President

– Barkin was appointed by the Bank's eligible directors, an action approved by the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors. During the nationwide search process, more than 700 candidates and candidate sources were identified, resulting in a broad and diverse candidate pool.

MiFID II: What Are the Testing Implications for Algorithmic Trading?

– In this contributed post, Andrew Gibbins reviews MiFID II testing implications for investment firms engaged in algorithmic trading and review Trading Technologies’ solutions.

Barchart Partners with BNC to Deliver Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News and Data Products

– Barchart, a provider of financial market data and technology, has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency data and research company Brave New Coin (BNC) to publish market news and analytics.

There’s an App for That

– Technology and connectivity providers look to empower buy-side traders by offering them multiple trading applications via one online portal like Apple and the App Store.

ALGO UPDATE: ITG Launches Enhanced Dark Aggregation Algorithm

– Dark provides broad access to natural liquidity using an unbiased routing optimization across all major dark pools, and uses advanced segmentation strategies to find quality fills that minimize information leakage.

Stop the BS & Promote Real Transparency!

– In this shared blog, David Weisberger says a recent WSJ article is wrong and that traders do need to purchase faster and more comprehensive market data to avoid being fined for violating “Best Execution” obligations.

The Need for Trade Surveillance

– In a whitepaper shared with Traders Magazine, Trading Technologies (TT) examines trade surveillance and why rapid and accurate detection of disruptive or manipulative market practices has become of paramount importance.

SEC to Buy Side: Know Thy Liquidity

– Rule 22e-4 requires managers to report how readily securities can be sold.