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Why Do Exchanges Own Multiple Licenses? It's Not Hard To See, Look at the SEC

In this recent research note, Sandler O'Neill + Partners, L.P. Principal Richard Repetto examines why the public exchange operators hold multiple licenses and that rationale behind this phenomenon.

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Blazing the Trail to Better Markets

In this blog post, IEX's Paul Buccio discusses IEX's first listing of Interactive brokers and how it might affect future listings.

Who Created This Mess, Anyway? Hint: It Wasn't the Exchanges.

In this retrospective article originally written for Institutional Investor and posted by Justin Schack on LinkedIn, he reminds that today’s market-structure battles are not new. And it shows, importantly, that the major exchange groups which currently find themselves fending off attacks from other market participants did not create the status quo that so many find so objectionable.

SGX RegCo Proposes Changes to Delisting Rules

SGX RegCo intends to require that the exit offer made in conjunction with a voluntary delisting be reasonable1 and fair2in order for the voluntary delisting to proceed.


NYSE, Nasdaq Push for "Trade At" Rule

The two biggest exchange rivals are joining forces to push through a rule designed to curb trading that occurs off-board away from the public eye, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

OTC Markets Provides Data to REDI

OTC Markets is now providing REDI Technologies with real-time Level 1 and Level 2 NBBO trading data for distribution to the latter's buyside and sellside clients.

Omega ATS's New Lynx Venue Opens for Business

Canada's Omega ATS has opened its second trading venue in the Great White North -Lynx ATS. After receiving final approval and making all the tweaks and getting its trading technology in order, the new venue is officially open for business.

Nasdaq to Cut Costs

Nasdaq is on the precipice of changing the way some of its biggest customers trade on the bourse.

SEC Approves BATS Merger

It's all but official now - BATS Global Markets and Direct Edge Holdings will become a unified company.

ICE Trade Vault: 4.5M

IntercontinentalExchange Group's Trade Vault Europe, its European trade repository, processed roughly 4.5 million trades across energy, agricultural commodities, metals, credit, interest rates and equity derivatives its first day.