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The False Dichotomy of Active vs Passive Management

Forward-thinking asset managers can rewrite the rules of management to provide hybrid portfolios that combine the benefits of both active and passive strategies by leveraging quantitative techniques.

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Globalized Capital Markets Demand a Globalized Solution to Regulations

In this special opinion piece, Ralph Achkar writes that clashes in regional rules make capital market regulations on a global level something of a mess and increases the costs of complying with these differing regulations. But, he says it doesn’t have to be that way.

Bringing Sexy Back…to FIX

In a new blog called "Bringing Sexy FIX," Trading Technologies CTO Drew Shields talks about the modern twist on the boring service of FIX, which they're called FIX-as-a-Service, or "FaaS."

MiFID II - Where Will All The Research Analysts Go?

In this guest commentary, Convergex's Eric Noll talks about the implications of MiFD II compliance, solutions and asks the question just what will happen to the research analyst.


Demystifying Dodd-Frank

Commissioner Scott O'Malia of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is on a mission. He says the process of writing new over-the-counter derivative contract rules needs more transparency. Over the past year he has repeatedly called for more roundtables and public comment on how rules are written. Why is this important? Because these rules, among other things, will determine which OTC derivative contracts must go through a clearing process and which ones can continue to use the old bilateral, dealer-to-dealer model.

New Blood

Fresh-faced yet experienced graduates are entering investment firms in strong numbers. Traders looks at this crop of bright young things and the new skills and placing new demands on the buyside.

The New Topic

Some unintended consequences from the credit crisis of 2008 and the regulations that followed have come to light. Also, buyside firms are gathering their traders to rate the research and execution services from the sellside in relentlessly thorough scoring sessions.

A Clear Answer on HFT

High-frequency traders and supporters claim that HFT is helpful to the equity market. The data presents a starkly different story.

Better Data Emerges After Rules Battle

Once the fight for new regulations settled down, an unintended victor has emerged: the data and data systems used by today's traders.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Over the past year, the liquidity in emerging currencies grew in fits and starts quarter to quarter. Traders asked FX veterans for their outlook on the next 12 months.

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