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Are Untraditional Correction Corrections the New Norm?

Many hedge fund managers have been awaiting the elusive traditional correction of 10 percent. It has been a record number of days since such an event has occurred, which has frustrated both market Bears, who want to profit from such a sell-off, and Bulls, who are awaiting a better entry point.

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With all the talk around HFTs and their trading practices coming under the microscope, do you expect more state regulators and officials to begin examining HFT practices - just like with Big Tobacco?





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Defiant HFT Panel Pushes Back At Regulation

– High-frequency traders and representatives from HFT firms vigorously and defiantly defended their practices after a speech from the U.S. Attorney office in New York at the Security Traders Association of New York conference last week.

Madoff Ex-Aides Seek Acquittal Citing Unfair Trial, Tainted Jury

– Five ex-employees of Bernard Madoff who were found guilty last month of aiding his $17.5 billion fraud asked the judge in the case for an acquittal or a new trial, citing a lack of evidence and flawed jury behavior.

High-Frequency Traders Said to Be Subpoenaed in New York Inquiry

– New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent subpoenas to six high-frequency trading firms seeking information about special arrangements they have with exchanges and dark pools as well as their trading strategies, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Credit Suisse Sees March ETF Growth, Led by Domestic Equity

– Equity exchange traded funds have pushed into positive territory for the month of March, finally surpassing fixed-income funds.

Money Managers Also Drive High-Speed Trading, SEC’s Berman Says

– The speed and complexity of modern stock markets is partly driven by long-term investors who have adopted strategies pioneered by high-frequency traders, according to a top U.S. securities regulator.

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Young Guns Hit the Trading Floor

Fresh-faced yet experienced graduates are entering investment firms in strong numbers. And this crop of bright young things is bringing new skills and placing new demands on the buyside.

Top 10 Trading Schools


Inside Trading

NYSE, Nasdaq Push for "Trade At" Rule

The two biggest exchange rivals are joining forces to push through a rule designed to curb trading that occurs off-board away from the public eye, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Hedge Funds' AUM Appetite Seen Growing

KOR Opens Consultancy, Lobby Firm



Stress Factor

Today's traders must manage their emotions in order to reach peak performance.

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

The Second Time Around


Rules and Regs

Better Data Emerges After Rules Battle

Once the fight for new regulations settled down, an unintended victor has emerged: the data and data systems used by today's traders.

SEC Approves BATS Merger

Structural Changes in Canada



CBOE Set to Trade Weeklies

The Chicago Board of Options Exchange has set an April 10 date for the trading of options with a weekly expiration date.

Anatomy of an ETF Challenger

A Bright Future For Swapping Futures


Tech Notes

Careful Speed Traders: ITG Unveils Anti-HFT Algo

Agency-only broker and technology firm ITG is now offering a new algorithm designed to thwart high-frequency traders and their strategies.

Trading Via Handheld

OTC Markets Provides Data to REDI


Buyside Snapshot

BofA Trims Options Algo Suite

Rebirthed KCG Holdings is integrating Knight Capital's and GETCO's electronic trading groups and products and integrating them into a single trading platform.

Instinet Helps MAKE Liquidity


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