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The Great Rebalancing

In this guest blog, the author examines the need for portfolio rebalancing as time progresses.

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NYSE Comments on Recent SEC Market Data Decision

– NYSE "troubled" by recent decision.

The Buy-Side Is Executing Larger, More Complex ETF Trades

– The new survey revealed institutions are becoming more comfortable with the liquidity of ETFs; showing what types of trading and platforms are gaining traction; and it outlines how increased transparency and competition are changing the dynamics of the market.

Tough Questions for FX Investors: How Should You Execute That Trade?

– A new report from Greenwich Associates analyzes the options available and how investors choose from the list of execution alternatives.

SIFMA Reports US Equity Market Cap at $32.1 Trillion

– The U.S. equity market, which is currently enjoying the longest bull run in its history, is valued at over $32 trillion dollars.

Demand Derivatives and GMEX Launch Futures Exchange and Blockchain Clearing House

– Slated to open in 2019, subject to CFTC and SEC approval, RealBOT and RealClear will create unique and complete solutions to problems currently affecting the futures industry.

License Royalty Value Function of the Value Provided by the Hedge

– EF Hutton announced it has licensed intellectual property that provides a means of hedging Bitcoin to The Bitcoin Hedge Foundation.

DTCC Partners on Streamlining SFTR Trade Reporting Processes

– The firms will link their SFTR solutions to DTCC’s GTR leveraging DTCC’s open architecture, thereby allowing market participants to benefit from straight-through reporting workflows and lowering the cost of implementation.

SEC Rules for SIFMA in Market Data Case

– The US Securities and Exchange Commission has set aside NYSE’s and Nasdaq’s depth-of-book fees as of October 16.

The Great Rebalancing

– In this guest blog, the author examines the need for portfolio rebalancing as time progresses.

Bancroft Capital Announces Grand Opening this Veterans Day

– Pennsylvania is getting a new broker-dealer.

QUICK TAKE: deVere Says Ripple XRP Can Hit $1 Threshold by 2019

– Can Ripple XRP break through a buck?

NEX Optimisation and Capitolis Partner on FX Novation Service

– The collaboration will enable NEX Optimisation customers of the service to connect to the Capitolis FX novation service through the NEX Infinity platform with minimal integration requirements.

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