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CANNABIS CORNER: Funding Without Prejudice

It might be getting a whole lot easier to inhale if one is in the cannabis industry.

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Corporate Bond Electronification: Echoes of The Boom

– While the surge in corporate bond electronification may be over, innovation in the space is not dead; it is just changing form, writes MTS Market's David Parker.

Sell-Side Struggles with Rule 606

– A dearth of regulatory guidance is vexing for brokers.

The Small Exchange to Deploy Eventus Systems Technology for Real-Time Market Surveillance

– Validus Cloud Platform usage will address new retail-focused futures market’s trading surveillance needs.

The Hidden Forces Choking Out SMEs in the Crypto Winter

– In this item shared with Traders Magazine, author Dima Zaitsev argues that if SMEs can’t access the funding they need, continued innovation in crypto could all disappear before anyone knows what is happening.

Corvil Insight Fuels Performance

– In this reprint from sister publication Global Trading, Corvil writes that optimal execution typically begins with timely and complete market data.

Buy-Side Research Platforms Evolve

– The Fourth Industrial Revolution comes to investment decision making.

TickSmith to Power New CanDeal Market Data Hub

– Engineered with big data technology to be flexible, secure, and scalable, TickSmith's Data Pooling platform will manage the core data pooling for DataVault Innovations, from ingestion and normalization to analytics, entitlements and delivery.

RETAIL REPORT: Lyft Leads Robust IPO Calendar

– The IPO calendar, while relatively quiet up until the recent decision by Lyft to come to the market with its $2.1 billion offering just a few weeks ago, is beginning to firm up.

The Nasdaq-100 – Foundation for the Future

– In this research shared by Nasdaq, the exchange looks at how to "seed" your investment portfolio and how the N-100 is a good place to start.

SIFMA Submits Written Statement on the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest

– SIFMA says Reg BI will make existing regulatory regime and make it better.

ON THE MOVE: Keegan Joins Tiger Trading as CSO; Goldman Sees Defections

– The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

February CUSIP Request Volume for Corporates and Municipals Increases

– CUSIP identifier requests for the broad category of U.S.- and Canada-issued equity and debt, increased 2.5% between January and February.

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