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Why Bitcoin Continues to Rule the Crypto Market Despite its High Volatility

So, how does the highest profile cryptocurrency manage to stay on top of the market despite threats from regulators, hackers and even market pundits.

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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday March 1998 thru 2016
The Spring season is almost here and Traders Magazine looks to the warmer climates of California for a look back at the names and faces in the markets. Also, we'll take a look at the market structure topics and issues that rocked the industry before the onset of summer.


March 16, 2018

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Downside of an Earlier NYSE Opening

This week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY looks back at when the NYSE considered changing its opening to earlier hours. Traders Magazine looks back at the evolution of trading hours and the consequences/benefits of changing hours in the current market structure. Source: Traders Magazine Online News

March 9, 2018

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: One Touch - Big Brokers Merging 'High-Touch' Sales Traders with 'Low-Touch' Electronic Counterparts

In this week's Flashback Friday installment, Traders Magazine looks back to 2013 and how brokers, faced with shrinking commissions, began to merge their high- and low-touch trading desks into a new hybrid group called "one touch." Source: Traders Magazine Online News

March 2, 2018

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: California STA of Los Angeles 65th Annual Convention

As we look back this FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Traders Magazine opens up the picture archives at dusts off the photos from the California STA of Los Angeles' 65th Annual Convention. Source: Traders Magazine Online News

February 23, 2018

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Age-Old Debate: Centralization vs. Fragmentation

Ten years ago the debate between fragmentation and centralization was all the rage on Wall Street. And it still is, to a degree, today. Source: Traders Magazine Online News

February 16, 2018

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Becoming a Superpower-GETCO's Looks to Knight's Wholesale and Retail Businesses as Keys to Growth

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY lookback, we revisit 2013 when market maker GETCO was looking to drive it business forward in a stagnant commission rate and highly competitive market making environment. In exploring its limited options, GETCO opted to purchase Knight. Seemed a like a good match – but was it? Source: Traders Magazine Online News

February 9, 2018

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: 2012 Wall Street Women Gala (Part 2)

In today’s look back down Memory Lane, Traders Magazine shares the photos and memories of the 2012 Wall Street Women Awards winners and gala. Source: Traders Magazine Online News