Don Bollerman

A NYSE Speed Bump You Weren’t Aware Of

Don Bollerman, IEX co-founder and head of markets & sales, reveals that so-called "speed bumps" exist inside other prominent stock markets and how certain venues have their own methodology for throttling order flow.

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ALGO UPDATE: BofA Merrill Unveils New Algos, Option Data Feeds for Options on Instinct

Buy- and sellside traders who execute options orders on Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Trader Instinct trading system are getting a slew of improvements and new tools.

How the Sellside is Trying to Preserve Profitability in Tough Times

It’s no secret that times are tough on Wall Street equity trading desks – commissions are flat to lower when compared to their heyday – and the trading desk is trying to leverage technology to boost its bottom line. And that includes upgrading the sales traders too

Exchanges Object to Brokers Gaining More Stock-Market Oversight

The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market and several other exchange operators asked lawmakers not to give brokers and investors greater influence over important aspects of the U.S. stock market.


Guide to Correspondent Clearing Firms

A guide to correspondent clearing firms as presented by Clearing Quarterly & Directory.

BofA Trims Options Algo Suite

Rebirthed KCG Holdings is integrating Knight Capital's and GETCO's electronic trading groups and products and integrating them into a single trading platform.

Hedge Funds' AUM Appetite Seen Growing

Hedge funds' assets under management and their appetite for investments, including equities, is expected to grow this year.

KOR Opens Consultancy, Lobby Firm

After several months of reorganizing, KOR Trading has again stepped out into the consultancy business.

New Blood

Fresh-faced yet experienced graduates are entering investment firms in strong numbers. Traders looks at this crop of bright young things and the new skills and placing new demands on the buyside.

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO



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