D. Keith Ross, Jr.

The Flash Hash

In a guest commentary, PDQ's Keith Ross discusses Michael Lewis' recent book "Flash "Boys" and the whole high-frequency debate.

Traders Poll

With all the talk around HFTs and their trading practices coming under the microscope, do you expect more state regulators and officials to begin examining HFT practices - just like with Big Tobacco?





Just Congress and the Federal Goverment



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Brokerage Channel


TECH TUESDAY: Citi Launches Total Touch Price via Bloomberg

Bulge bracket broker Citi is now offering its electronic block pricing system via the Bloomberg system.

‘RBC Nice’ Paying Off Amid Outcry Over High-Frequency Trading

Royal Bank of Canada has become the standard-bearer for a revolt among investors against so-called predatory high- frequency trading practices on both Wall Street and Canada’s Bay Street.

TRADERS ON THE MOVE: Sussman Joins Liquidnet, LCH Names First U.S. Chairman

Block trading venue Liquidnet brings on respected veteran analyst to head up its market structure group while clearing firm LCH. Clearnet has named its first U.S. chairman.


Guide to Correspondent Clearing Firms

A guide to correspondent clearing firms as presented by Clearing Quarterly & Directory.

BofA Trims Options Algo Suite

Rebirthed KCG Holdings is integrating Knight Capital's and GETCO's electronic trading groups and products and integrating them into a single trading platform.

Hedge Funds' AUM Appetite Seen Growing

Hedge funds' assets under management and their appetite for investments, including equities, is expected to grow this year.

KOR Opens Consultancy, Lobby Firm

After several months of reorganizing, KOR Trading has again stepped out into the consultancy business.

New Blood

Fresh-faced yet experienced graduates are entering investment firms in strong numbers. Traders looks at this crop of bright young things and the new skills and placing new demands on the buyside.

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO