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Three Reasons the "Downs" Have Greater Impact In An "Up and Down" Stock Market

Brian Decker, a financial planner and founder of Decker Retirement Planning Inc., argues that it is much more important for investors to consider the downside in turbulent markets than the upside.

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Is the adoption of electronic trading in fixed income on par of that in the FX sector?

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SEC Delivers Clarity on Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and What is a Security

In this contributed article, industry consultancy GMAG examines the SEC’s recent announcement about the status of Bitcoin and Ether as being “not securities”.

Thomson Reuters Expands Sentiment Data to Track Top 100 Cryptocurrencies

New data feed based on Thomson Reuters MarketPsych Indices uses machine learning and text analysis to quantify key themes and sentiments likely to influence price trends of top 100 cryptocurrencies.

QUICK TAKE: SEC Crypto Approach is "Good"

One exec agrees with SEC's measured crypto approach.