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The False Dichotomy of Active vs Passive Management

Forward-thinking asset managers can rewrite the rules of management to provide hybrid portfolios that combine the benefits of both active and passive strategies by leveraging quantitative techniques.

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ON THE MOVE: Santoro Exits Morgan While SEC Alum Relocate

In this week's On The move, there are a bevy of moves at the brokers and vendors, not to mention several ex-SEC staffers are finding new homes in the private sector. All this and more, right here and now.

SEC Moves to Amend Circuit Breaker Rules

In this commentary, one buysider talks about the unintended consequences of the market circuit breakers and potential fixes that stop the side effects of the rules - such as reduced price visibility and the prevention of a security from recovering after a sharp price drop.

Neil DeSena, Low Touch Trading Pioneer, Dies at 52

Neil DeSena, whose 30-year Wall Street career took him from the back office at a clearing firm to managing director at Goldman Sachs to co-founder of fintech merchant bank SenaHill Partners, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday.


Demystifying Dodd-Frank

Commissioner Scott O'Malia of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is on a mission. He says the process of writing new over-the-counter derivative contract rules needs more transparency. Over the past year he has repeatedly called for more roundtables and public comment on how rules are written. Why is this important? Because these rules, among other things, will determine which OTC derivative contracts must go through a clearing process and which ones can continue to use the old bilateral, dealer-to-dealer model.

Stress Factor

Today's traders must manage their emotions in order to reach peak performance.

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

The Second Time Around

The Second-Term Mandate: A Q&A with Patrick Armstrong

Top 10 Trading Schools

Traders assembled a deep bench of judges to select the top U.S. universities that produce the most impressive candidates each year in the field of trading.

Mock Joins JonesTrading

A look at the financial industry's prominent hires, promotions and other notable happenings inside Wall Street's trading community.

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