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The Emperor's New Clothes

In this first of a two-part commentary, David Weisberger shares his views on IEX. He examines and opines as to whether or not the exchange has lived up to its billing as "fair, simple and transparent."

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Creative Destruction and Industry Life Cycles, HFT Edition

In a recent blog post Streetwise Professor Craig Pirrong, a market structure expert from the University of Houston, discusses several HFT-related stories making the rounds lately and how they are all part of the normal equity trading business cycle.

Just When Savers Thought They Were Out … FTT Pulls Them Back In!

Modern Markets Initiative shares its latest blog post with Traders Magaziine and discusses the impact of re-.introducing a financial transaction tax.

Blockchain Offers Banks Potential, But HFT Provides Benefits Now

In an op-ed that first appeared in Banking Technology, Modern Markets Initiative CEO Bill Harts says that high-frequency trading provides as much technological prowess as does the blockchain.

KCG Retail Order Flow at Stake in Virtu Grab

Virtu Financial’s unsolicited offer to buy KCG Holdings is all about the little guy – retail order flow.

Getting Up to Speed on the NYSE Announcement

In this contributed blog from MMI, Bill Harts examines how letting Nasdaq stocks trade on the NYSE floor validates its designated market maker model and the high-frequency trading skills many of them employ.

High-Speed Traders Are Taking Over Bitcoin

In this Bloomberg report, high-frequency traders have turned their attention to another asset class besides equities - bitcoin.

Japan to Tighten Regulations on High-Frequency Traders

Japan plans to tighten regulations on high-frequency trading (HFT), whose growing presence in the Tokyo Stock Exchange has raised concerns such trades could destabilize the market and put retail investors at a disadvantage

It Gets Late Early At StubHub

In a guest blog, Modern Markets Initiative's Bill Harts reveals how selling online tickets isn't the same as electronic trading despite the similarities.

The Data-Driven Demise of the Flash Boys Myth

In his recent blog, Modern Markets' CEO Bill Harts cites an academic study that states HFTs do not use hyper-fast data feeds and front run investors.

Who You Callin’ HFT? Five Misconceptions Surrounding “HFT”

For one, it doesn't make sense to categorize a firm as an "HFT firm", writes Cameron Smith of Quantlab Financial. Also, HFT holding periods aren't as short as commonly perceived.

Legendary Hedge Fund Wants to Use Atomic Clocks to Beat High-Speed Traders

Patent application no. 14/451,356 has one goal: to outrun the speed demons of Wall Street. The 16-page document, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in February, describes a novel way for “executing synchronized trades in multiple exchanges.”