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Liquidity "Crisis" Presents a Strategy Opportunity

Liquidity is out there, but the cost of liquidity has moved up and that’s made life difficult for people trying to be nimble in the markets.

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Retail Investors Could Bear the Brunt of Proposed Transaction Tax

What Democrats frame as a levy against rampant Wall Street speculation may actually come down hardest on end users, i.e. 'mom and pop' investors.

SEC Tightens Clock-Sync Mandate

In preparation for the Consolidated Audit Trail and to help detect spoofing and layering, the SEC recently approved shrinking its one-second server-clock synchronization tolerance to 50 milliseconds.

Trading Tech: Linear Investments Adopts RSRCHXchange Research, Compliance Tools

The hedge fund incubator is using the solutions to access institutional research and allow MiFID II-compliant research procurement.


Demystifying Dodd-Frank

Commissioner Scott O'Malia of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is on a mission. He says the process of writing new over-the-counter derivative contract rules needs more transparency. Over the past year he has repeatedly called for more roundtables and public comment on how rules are written. Why is this important? Because these rules, among other things, will determine which OTC derivative contracts must go through a clearing process and which ones can continue to use the old bilateral, dealer-to-dealer model.

In the CARDS

FINRA's use of broker data to protect investors is under attack: Are they protecting investors or covering for bad brokers?

Structural Changes in Canada

More change is coming to the equity trading markets of the Great White North.

SEC Approves BATS Merger

It's all but official now - BATS Global Markets and Direct Edge Holdings will become a unified company.

Buyside Welcomes FINRA Query

Institutional investors welcome the equities market regulator's probe on broker-dealer order routing methodology.

Beware of New Rules

Understanding the likely form of new rules-like Regulation SCI - is essential for traders and investment firms so they can prepare for their inevitable implementation.


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