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Stop the BS & Promote Real Transparency!

In this shared blog, David Weisberger says a recent WSJ article is wrong and that traders do need to purchase faster and more comprehensive market data to avoid being fined for violating "Best Execution" obligations.

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Is information leakage a major concern of yours when you trade?

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Blockchain Capital Markets — Part I: A New Paradigm for Capital Formation

Celent's John Dwyer shares his recent published report titled Blockchain Capital Markets - Part I where the advent of ICOs and token combination is unleashing unprecedented levels of creative destruction and innovation.

Defining the FX Flash Crash

In report shared with Traders Magazine, Pragma aims to define and identify flash crashes using tick by tick FX data for 2015 and 2016. In so doing, it will become a useful benchmark for researchers, regulators and institutions looking to understand why flash crashes occur and whether they are becoming more common in the FX market.

Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do They Work?

In this shared article, the Chief Investment Officer at Evolve Funds explains the latest market craze - bitcoin futures - and how to trade them.


Once Burned, Twice Shy

Continued adoption of electronic FX trading is increasing demand for performance measurement while providing the necessary execution data to calculate it.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Over the past year, the liquidity in emerging currencies grew in fits and starts quarter to quarter. Traders asked FX veterans for their outlook on the next 12 months.

The Right Tool For The FX Job

As FX trading takes off inside buyside firms, OMS vendors are addressing the specialized needs of trading foreign exchange.

Taking a Closer Look

Wary of competing algorithms, some heads of foreign-exchange trading desks are rethinking their high-frequency trading practices.

Increasing Volume & Opportunities

New trading venues, HFT and market volatility are fueling the asset class to the head of the pack. Here's why, according to Aite Group's Sang Lee.

Enter the Algo Upstart

Big brokers began offering foreign-exchange trading algorithms five years ago, and now all the major players have an offering. Now a vendor is hoping to upend the status quo with a suite of algorithms it claims will offer better execution.