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The Emperor's New Clothes

In this first of a two-part commentary, David Weisberger shares his views on IEX. He examines and opines as to whether or not the exchange has lived up to its billing as "fair, simple and transparent."

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Ethical FX via the Global Code

With the release of the FX Global Code for the wholesale foreign exchange market last month, the FX industry is counting on a single set of guidelines to prevent bad behavior in currency trading.

BSO Expands FX Trading Circuit Across Asia for Derivatives Traders

Global network provider BSO has added Singapore and Hong Kong to its FX circuit as demand for fast and reliable access to trade currency derivatives in emerging markets intensifies. The new routes mean market makers can now trade currency derivatives up to 10 milliseconds faster than previously available speeds.

Banks Diverge in Chase for Profits in Global FX Trading

Market consultancy Greenwich Associates announces the 2017 share and quality leaders in global foreign exchange.

Hotspot Announces First Anonymous FX Forwards Trades

Hotspot, a CBOE Holdings, Inc. company, and a market for institutional foreign exchange (FX) trading globally, announced the first anonymous outright deliverable forward FX transaction executed on the platform.

FX Market Structure Hampers Best Ex

Asset managers will find demonstrating that they have achieved best execution on their foreign exchange trades more difficult once MiFID II goes into effect on January 3, 2018.

Light Up Your FX Markets

Curex's James Singleton shares his thoughts on why transparency in currency trading is a must-have for corporate treasurers and risk managers.

Is Lasting Change Coming for FX Market Practices?

In this contributed article from NICE Actimize, Mark Follows examines several of the main drivers for the desired, primary changes in FX markets.

TCA Expands in FX

More than one quarter of buyside traders in the US and UK are using tools for transaction cost analysis in foreign exchange, which is now a major input to execution strategies according to consultancy Greenwich Associates.

Q&A: FX Trading in Asia Pacific (Part 2)

In Part II of this Q&A: FX Trading in Asia Pacific, Vinay Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Head of FX Sales, APAC at FlexTrade Systems, discusses how the regulatory push for best execution is impacting FX trading in Asia, and why it’s driving demand for transaction cost analysis (TCA) through the execution management system (EMS).

FX Trading in Asia Pacific: Q&A With Vinay Trivedi (Part 1)

Vinay Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Head of FX Sales, APAC at FlexTrade Systems, discusses trends in FX markets and trading technology, specifically how the buy side is using aggregation tools and algorithmic trading through the execution management system (EMS) to seek the best price in Asian currency markets.

Bloomberg Launches Canadian FX Benchmark Rates

Bloomberg announced new Canadian foreign exchange benchmark rates.

BT Links Up Five Major FX Markets

BT is now offering BT Radianz FX express, dedicated high-speed links between financial hubs in the UK, US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong involved in almost 77 per cent of the world’s FX trading.

Crédit Agricole CIB Implements Orchestrade for Trading and Risk

Crédit Agricole CIB has partnered with Orchestrade Financial Systems, a capital markets technology platform for?cross-asset trading and risk management, to overhaul its interest rate derivatives and FX Forwards trading operations.

GTX and Ideal Prediction to Provide TCA, Advanced Execution Analytics to Clients

GTX and Ideal Prediction are offering clients FX data and advanced analytics to optimize their currency trading.

How Has Currency Affected Portfolio Risk?

In its new survey, “FX Trumps Correlation,” Axioma takes a look at how currency effects dominated portfolio risk in the aftermath of the US presidential election as well as other major market events in 2016, such as Brexit and the Fed rate hike.