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Ethical FX via the Global Code

With the release of the FX Global Code for the wholesale foreign exchange market last month, the FX industry is counting on a single set of guidelines to prevent bad behavior in currency trading.

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ABN AMRO Clearing Contracts with Trading Technologies

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank and Trading Technologies announced that ABN AMRO Clearing has contracted to make available the TT trading platform to ABN's customers globally.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Are Commission Rates Finally Slowing Down? Report Notes Leveling in Institutional Equity-Trade

It’s no secret to anyone nowadays in the equities business that commission rates have fallen dramatically from their 2008 highs, as the financial crisis and the competitive and electronic nature of trading has eroded brokers’ ability to charge more. But, back before the turn of the century, commission rates were a robust 6 or 7 cents per share and when compared to years prior, falling.

Bridging the Capital Markets Digital Divide

MayStreet's CEO Patrick Flannery sees more changes coming to the equities trading markets as new technologies dictate new trading strategies - both electronic and human - and just how their impact will alter the equity market structure.

OCC And EQUILEND Clearing Services Partner on CCP Securities Lending

OCC and EquiLend Clearing Services have joined forces to bring greater access to central counterparty clearing for securities.

CEO CHAT: Apex Clearing’s Capuzzi Says T+2 is Good Start, But T+1 Better

In this exclusive conversation with Traders Magazine, the CEO of Apex Clearing says that the new shortening of a trade's settlement cycle is a good start. But it could be shorter, he argues.

SEC Clears T+2 Settlement Window, So What’s Next?

In this contributed article from Broadridge, the authors discuss how the sellside must now employ certain schema to get ready for the new shorter T+2 settlement cycle.

For T+2, It’s All Systems Go

In this article shared with Traders Magazine, authors Michael Bodson, Kenneth Bentsen and Paul Schott Stevens discuss how moving to T+2 will carve a great deal of risk out of US capital markets.

Trading Rises With Clearing

Margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives have boosted clearing.

DTCC’S LEI Service, GMEI, Continues to Prepare for MIFID II

DTCC's utility system issues more LEIS in ramp up to MiFID II.

SEC Goes to T+2 Settlement Cycle

The time it takes to settle equity and fixed income trades just got shorter.

DTCC-Euroclear Collateral Launch Service to Aid Cross-Border Collateral Delivery

DTCC-Euroclear Global Collateral announced the launch of the Inventory Management Service (IMS), a solution that enables market participants to seamlessly mobilize securities from the U.S. to Europe for use as collateral.

Nasdaq and CloudMargin Join on Cleared and Non-Cleared Derivatives Collateral Solutions

CloudMargin, the creator of a web-based collateral and margin management solution, announced that Nasdaq Clearing has been included into the CloudMargin platform.

DTCC DataPro Covers Major Asset Classes

DTCC DataPro currently covers major asset classes across six categories: Announcement, Liquidity, Market and Benchmark Analytics, Regulatory Compliance, Risk and Security Reference.

DTCC & Digital Asset Complete REPO Trials Using Digital Ledger Tech

The DTCC announced the successful completion of a proof-of-concept to better manage the netting process for U.S. Treasury and Agency repurchase agreement (repo) transactions.

The Three E's for The Modern Compliance Department

In this guest commentary, Neurensic's Jay Biondo outlined his suggestions for today's compliance professionals to ensure their traders stay up to date with the latest rulings from exchanges.