David Weisberger

A Look at H.R. 1216 - The "Maker Taker Conflict of Interest REFORM Act"

While a pilot program focused on the most liquid stocks is not a bad idea, guest commentator David Weisberger said the notion of price controls as a singular solution, is.

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SEC and NJ Attorney General Investigate Omega Hedge Fund

– Fund manager and Wall Street powerhouse Leon Cooperman informed clients of the $9.4 billion fund was under scrutiny in a letter yesterday.

Fed's Fischer Says More Work Needed to Protect Financial System

– Despite improvements in how money markets function, many non-banks such as hedge funds and broker-dealers still need secured short-term funding to operate.

STA Comment Letter on FSOC Asset Management, Products and Practices

– As the Council reviews the asset management industry, it should recognize how changes in these specific areas since 2008 have improved the overall soundness of the industry for the benefit of individual investors.

SEC Unanimously Votes HFT Firms Must Register with FINRA

– After hinting at greater oversights, the SEC took its first step to regulating all high-frequency trading firms.

Sourcing Liquidity Tops Traders' Concerns: Buyside Survey

– Finding sufficient liquidity to execute large trades continues to vex traders, according to a Liquidnet survey

Matt Levine's Money Stuff: DB Wants to be Goldman Sachs, HFT Registration and I-Managers

– The era in which every big bank tried to compete in every area is mostly over, and each bank needs to decide what sort of bank it will be.

Deutsche Bank Wins German Backing to Be More Like Goldman

– Exiting retail banking to focus on global fund management and investment banking would cut fewer jobs and deliver the quickest boost to returns among three scenarios under review.

News Flash: HFT Exonerated

– All the nay-saying about high-frequency trading last year now seems to have been a flash in the pan.

Supreme Court Enters Class Actions Fray: Business of Law

– In the unanimous ruling, the high court said investors can sue if those documents omit important facts.

One Year After Flash Boys, Investors Remain Suspicious of HFT

– The Convergex survey found that 57 percent of financial industry participants feel markets are “unfair” - down from 70 percent last year.

Fiera Capital Adopts Fidessa IMS for Fixed Income, Derivatives

– The Canadian investment firm will expand the investment management system to derivatives later this year.

Ted Cruz Knocks Goldman Sachs Over 'Special Favors From Government'

– One day after announcing himself as presidential candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz fired a few shots across the bow of Wall Street, and the firm that employs his wife as managing director.

LTCM Quant’s New Take on What Long-Term Is Supposed to Mean

– More than 16 years after the collapse of the hedge fund he co-founded in Greenwich, Connecticut, Victor Haghani is, understandably, still a bit risk averse.

Will The SEC Force All Brokers Under FINRA Control?

– On March 25, the SEC plans to vote on a proposal that may require all brokers to be subject to FINRA regulation. Here’s a look at the implications of the SEC’s plans to amend Rule 15b9-1.

A Step Closer to a Fixed-Income NBBO

– Will a new FINRA pre-trade transparency proposal lay the ground work for establishing a consolidated tape for the corporate bond market?

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