David Lafferty

INSIGHTS: Opportunities In the Eye of the Brexit Storm

Market volatility brought on by the UK’s historic Brexit vote is no excuse to disengage from portfolio planning, argues David Lafferty of Natixis Global Asset Management.

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Did Brexit Put London's Fintech Capital Status in Jeopardy?

– While it's too early to detail impacts on investments, one result has been a dose of cold water on London's reputation as a friendly venue for innovation in payments and other industries.

Block Trading Hits Six-Year High, OMSes Must Adapt: Tabb Group

– Tabb Group report finds OMS/EMS solutions must address heightened buyside technology needs.

Trading Tech: IPC Launches Cloud Service for Trading ETFs

– The communications networking provider announced the launch of a Financial Markets Cloud service for trading exchange-traded funds.

Chesapeake Hedge Fund to Return Client Money After 25 Years

– Baltimore firm is among a handful of hedge funds run by women, HFR says 291 funds closed in first quarter, 34% jump from 2015.

Trading Tech: Markit Launches Real-Time Bond Pricing

– The new live bond pricing service covers more than 35,000 bonds across 40 currencies and delivers more than 250,000 pricing updates per minute.

BSO To Build Financial Cloud Aimed at FX Market Needs

– The expanded financial cloud services will focus on forex markets in London, New York and Tokyo

Duet Group Adopts Eze Software Investment Suite

– Rollout of software will standardize front-to-back operations for the $5.6 billion asset manager.

Loeb Hedge Fund Lowers Fees for Slumping Third Point Reinsurer

– Management fee will be 1.5%, down from 2%, in five-year pact. Reinsurer trades for less than 2013 initial public offering.

Grain Trader Nidera Discloses $200 Million ‘Rogue Trader’ Loss

– Ton van der Laan, who until this month was chief executive officer, said last year that Nidera had suffered from the actions of a "rogue trader."

On The Move: Knas Joins Citadel, Mollica Joins Apex Clearing

– New hires take place inside Citadel Securities and Apex Clearing.

Morgan Stanley’s Last Expatriate Equity Trader in Russia to Quit

– Todd Krummel to leave after working 11 years in Moscow. Krummel was at ING and Deutsche Bank before Morgan Stanley.

Machines Lead Hedge Fund Traders in Brexit Chaos, Braga Wins

– Lynx Asset Management posted 5.1 percent gain on Friday. George Soros made money but didnít bet against pound.

Brexit Insights: Why Were Smart Traders Caught So Off Guard?

– Unlike a terrorist attack or a rogue algo, the Brexit vote should not have been a surprise event. Doesnít anyone hedge anymore?

Scientist Turned Hedge-Fund Founder Lured to Pound, Euro Swings

– Pakula to look for Ďthemes around stressí in Europe, the U.K. AE Capitalís fund returns 7.5% this year, outpacing peers

Gold Rally Isn’t Over as Traders See Lasting Brexit Gain: Survey

– Bloomberg survey of analysts, traders pegs gold at $1,424 - Odds of U.S. rate increase drops to 1.9% through November.


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