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Lava Cools As Citi Exits ECN Business

As dark pools move into the regulatory light, the real money is in aggregation, not in equity fragmentation.

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Security Traders Association of Wisconsin 2014 Gallery - Part 2

– Leave it to the traders and brokers in Wisconsin: while other STA affiliates raffle off golf outings and iPads, the Security Traders Association of Wisconsin raffled off a Harley Davidson. Why weren't we invited?

On The Move: SEC Appoint Barnett, Goldsholle to Trading and Markets Div.

– The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that Gary Barnett and Gary Goldsholle have been named as deputy directors in the Division of Trading and Markets.

There’s a Blacklist in $800 Billion of U.S. Loans and It’s Legal

– The practice poses risks to a market whose size has quadrupled from about $200 billion over the last decade as plunging interest rates fueled investor demand for securities that offer extra yield.

IEX Adopted Kx Systems’ KDB+ For Its Data Platform

– The fledgling exchange adopted the Kx Systems solution - back in October 2013, it can be revealed now.

Top 2014 Trends: Return of the IPO

– The Alibaba IPO had an impact on the overall markets. According to TABB, the options market saw volume hitting a whopping 1 billion contracts in the third quarter.

On The Move: McCarthy to Head Nasdaq ETP Listing and Services

– The former Citi ETF veteran will guide issuers through the listing and trading of exchange traded products.

Treasuries Hurt When Breaking News Hits: Speed Trader Study

– Light regulation for trading U.S. government debt has created the space for possible market manipulation.

Top 2014 Trends: Waiting for Volatility

– In a survey, two thirds of respondents said that historically low volatility levels had made investors either “too complacent” or “much too complacent.”

Money Manager Profits Exceed Pre-Crisis Levels: McKinsey

– Central bank efforts to stimulate economies have driven most of the industry’s growth with the MSCI World Index of stocks rising 24 percent last year.

STA of Wisconsin Annual Conference Gallery

– A selection of images from this summer's Security Traders Association of Wisconsin Annual Conference.

High School Trader: I Didn’t Trade $72 Million

– Mohammed Islam admits the New York Magazine story was made up but the editors insist he is still launching a hedge fund.

On the Move: Scoria Hires Ex-SAC Manager Orenstein

– Ted Orenstein has worked with Cohen for the past 12 years and most recently ran a portfolio worth an estimated $500 million to $1 billion.

Top 2014 Trends: Bitcoin Comes of Age - Awkwardly

– This year saw allegations of a Ponzi scheme, new hedge funds and dark pools dedicated to the currency, and now the ultimate mark that the crypto-currency that started as the tender of drug traffickers and mercenaries has arrived - regulatory oversight.

Hedge Funds' Bullish Gold Bets Defy Goldman Outlook

– Holdings in exchange-traded funds backed by gold rose for the first time since October as investors sought protection from the rout.

Top 2014 Trends: A Big Year for Big Data

– Forward-thinking hedge funds are relying on data feeds beyond their Bloomberg terminals to find the next trading opportunity. And it's having an impact on today's once-bustling trading floors.

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