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April 1, 2014

RTS Adds Build-Your-Own Features and Analytics to Algo Suite

By John D'Antona Jr.

RTS Realtime Systems is now offering traders an analytics package to its algorithmic trading platform that is aimed at increasing alpha capture and efficiency.

The new chart analytics comes as part of the company's release of RTD Tango Trader 2.0, its latest iteration of its click-and-go algo trading system. This new version also features an Algo Development Services component to help traders complete more difficult trades by allowing them to customize and build their own algos.

The Chart Analytics Package provides a wide range of charting capabilities and features at no additional cost to the basic system. Clients can streamline the functionality of multiple software packages into one, simplifying the need to run simultaneous applications on multiple desktops, reducing work flow and costs.

The new Algo Development Service is designed to help traders and other users further automate more complex trades, such as multi-legged strategies or multi-asset trades. RTS said that some traders find that off-the-shelf algorithms may not be fast enough or competitive enough for their needs. The new services go beyond the standard algorithms commonly used, such as VWAPs, TWAPs and spreaders. The firm's RTD Tango Language also allows users to build their own execution algorithms without prior development knowledge.

RTS now supports all types of RSS newsfeeds from its front end.


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