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Understanding Your Data is No Longer Optional

In this contributed article from Global Markets Advisory Group, the advisory discusses the importance of data and how organizations should augment existing skill sets and capabilities to add a data-focused perspective to their operating fabric.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Age-Old Debate: Centralization vs. Fragmentation

– Ten years ago the debate between fragmentation and centralization was all the rage on Wall Street. And it still is, to a degree, today.

Moody's Reports Risk of Bitcoin Futures is Moderate at Current Volumes

– One ratings agency is looking more closely into bitcoin futures and their effects on exchanges and retail brokers.

How a 100-Year-Old Unbreakable Cipher Will Transform Digital Security

– Paul McGough, Co-founder and CTO of Qwyit, discusses usage of an unbreakable cipher on digital communications. He discusses the cipher's history, the failure of the current systems that don’t use it, and the solution to the key distribution problem that made Unbreakable difficult to use in the past.

NEX Regulatory Reporting Launches Short Code Identity Service 'ISCI'

– The short code identifier service will protect anonymity, ensure operational efficiency and future compliance with GDPR.

CLS Releases New FX Forecast Data Product to Assist Best Ex Needs

– CLS’s FX Forecast data offers significant benefits to risk and compliance teams, enabling market participants to better predict volume and rate changes, among other things.

Buy-Side Dips Toe into Crypto

– Institutional traders find bitcoin spot market unlike any other.

Volatility: What Role Did it Play in the Sell-off

– In this shared report from Deutsche Bank Asset Management, author Luke Oliver explains the role of volatility in the recent equity market retrenchment.

CFTC Commissioner Tell Crypto Firms to Self Police

– The crypto-industry has been given a strong suggestion – regulate yourselves until further notice.

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