Jim Toes

STA's Toes Exhorts Stock Market to Learn from Auto Industry's Woes

in the wake of public outcry and government examination, STA president Jim Toes exhorts the stock market to learn from the auto industry's recent woes and follow its example of how to recover after a crisis.

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UBS, Deutsche Bank Cooperating in HFT Probes

– Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan said there has been a “significant increase” in inquiries on dark pools recently and the bank is cooperating with them.

Twitter Trading Looks for Action

– Investment firms have looked to Twitter and other social media sites as another source of Big Data but none have really soared. Is Twitter ready to be your next data feed?

Nasdaq OMX Provides Market Surveillance Platform to trueEX Group

– TrueEX Group has signed a five-year deal to use the Smarts Integrity Market Surveillance Platform from the market maker.

DTCC Unveils Data, Documentation Utility

– Together with six founder banks, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation announced the establishment of Clarient Entity Hub.

SEC Testing Dark Pool Pricing with Tick Program

– The “trade at” provision will provide a bounty of trading data to the SEC, especially concerning the interaction of dark pools. This could help the agency make future market reforms.

Highlights from the San Francisco STA 2014

– Traders presents a gallery of images from the networking and cocktail party of the San Francisco STA 2014 that took place earlier this summer.

Barclays Sued by Investor Over Losses From Dark Pool Lawsuit

– Barbara Strougo filed her case today claiming she and other buyers of Barclays American depositary shares lost money after the attorney general brought his lawsuit June 25.

UBS Says SEC Has Been Investigating its Dark Pool Since 2012

– The investigation concerns some features of the private trading venue that were discontinued two years ago, including “certain order types and disclosure practices.”

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ALGO UPDATE: UBS Brings Low-Touch Trading to Derivatives

UBS has launched a new algorithm trading platform designed to handle more complicated equity derivatives and their strategies. The bulge firm's goal - make the trading of more complex Over-The-Counter derivatives as simple as trading cash equities.

New Equity Research Platform Coming from Buysider

Institutional investors looking for a research platform that covers equities, exchange traded funds and options can now get information from one of their own.

Working With Emerging Brokers

As pension funds move to use the services of minority and woman-owned brokerages, the buyside must move beyond the old-boy network of firms to include emerging brokers.

In the CARDS - Is Finra's Data System Protecting Brokers or Investors?

Guest columnist Robert Stowksy reviews how FINRA's use of broker data to protect investors is under attack and asks the question, "Are they protecting investors or covering for bad brokers?"

BOOK REVIEW: 'Flash Boys' Burns HFT

Traders' reviews the controversial Michael Lewis tome 'Flash Boys' and how it has changed the way Americans think about high-frequency trading "if they even thought about it all" and its impact that may be seen in new regulations.

HFT Hype Should Give Way to Serious Market Discussion, Experts Say

With the immediate furor over Michael Lewis's book, Flash Boys, finally dying down, many market players are hoping the receding hype gives way to a discussion of the real problems and possible solutions to some of the issues the book brought up - namely market structure.

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