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April 1, 2014

Eikon Enhanced for Buyside Traders

By John D'Antona Jr.

Thomson Reuters announced the rollout of a number of new features targeting the buyside, such as charting and modeling apps, on its financial markets desktop, Eikon.

The new features include Datastream charting and explorer apps, new StarMine models, enhanced analytics and publishing tools. All of the new features, Thomson Reuters said in a release, improve work-flow efficiency and provide asset managers with more insight to help them trade better.

The new Datastream charting app in Eikon allows economists and strategists to leverage the app's cross-asset time-series database and analytics and publishing tools to access prebuilt studies, generate new compelling charts from the chart studio or access their existing library of charts. A new separate macro explorer app provides financial professionals with an intuitive view of global economies, allowing them to screen across hundreds of content sets sourced from Datastream and apply powerful visualization techniques including maps, bubble charts, motion tables and filters to investigate content and gain new insight.

The new Microsoft Office add-in feature for Eikon enables portfolio managers and analysts to leverage Thomson Reuters content in applications such as Excel and PowerPoint to produce models and presentations. This feature includes Excel tools to facilitate analysis of premium content sets including Datastream, fundamentals, StarMine analytics, smart estimates and key performance indicators. The addition of StarMine models to Eikon, Thomson said, leverages new visualization technology to provide buyside customers with greater insight to uncover actionable opportunities and better understand credit risk.

Eikon's upgraded portfolio analytics suite now provides buysiders with monitoring of intra-day performance across any number of portfolios and benchmarks, allowing them to identify primary drivers of performance at the sector/security level.

Briefcase, another Eikon enhancement, allows users to collect, manage and access key content and documents via their mobile solution and synchronize this with the desktop, allowing them to work remotely from anywhere at any time.


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