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Top 10 Altcoins for 2019

In this shared article author Mina Downs gives her projections as to what will be the top "altcoins" in 2019.

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As the SEC Tick Pilot is soon to expire, in your opinion, was it a solid fact finding mission or folly?

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MMI Issues New Report on the Economic Impact of a Financial Transaction Tax

Modern Markets Initiative latest analysis reveals that pensions, which already face mounting obligations, would be hit with billions in new costs due to the proposed FTT.

Broker Pay Up 13% to $422,000 in 2017; NYS DiNapoli Report

It’s the best time to be a broker in New York City, according to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. In his most recent report, DiNapoli reported that securities industry pretax profits totaled $13.7 billion in the first half of 2018, 11 percent higher than last year.

T+Fewer: Why Settlement Times Keep Falling

Could T+1 settlement be coming soon? One exec thinks so.

Top 10 Altcoins for 2019

In this shared article author Mina Downs gives her projections as to what will be the top "altcoins" in 2019.

MiFID II Reaches Across the Pond: Is This the Calm Before the Storm?

Despite the view that MiFID II is a European regulation, US investment managers are experiencing disruption as they align their research payment and execution practices with the influential standard.

A Glimpse into the Dark Underbelly of Cryptocurrency Markets

In this shared article, author Nic Carter investigates the key drivers of the unrelenting cryptocurrency/cryptoasset markets, and focus on the incentives which cause rankings sites to uncritically include junk exchange volume in their data.

DataTrek Opines on Lehman Collapse and Equities – 10 Years Later

Nicholas Colas,co-founder of DataTrek Research, in a recent daily note, wrote that with the 10th anniversary of Lehman Brothers coming up, he got to thinking about what that event really taught him about how markets function.

SEC Tick-Size Pilot Cost Investors Over US$300 Million: Report

According to a new report from Pragma Securities and after an analysis of more than four million orders identified significant degradation in execution quality, for stocks priced under $40 per share investors fared more poorly under proposed tick pilot rules.

Closing the Information Gap in a Post-MiFID World

Mehdi Sunderji shares with Traders Magazine his thoughts on how MiFID II has affected the investment research world.

RIP to the Tick Size Pilot

STA's Jim Toes shares his thoughts on the SEC's Tick Size Pilot and how it should be terminated.

OCC Enhances Resilience with Regulatory Approval of Recovery and Wind Down Tools

In this shared blog, OCC discusses how its recovery tools and proposed recovery and orderly wind-down (RWD) plan can help successfully manage extreme market disruptions in future financial crises.

INSIDE THE CONDITIONAL: Mechanics, Fading, and Performance

In this shared white paper from Liquidnet, Adam Sussman and his quant team to put together a report that both describes how conditionals work, but also measures the performance of conditional behavior under several scenarios.

Promoting Transparency: Nasdaq Market Data Proposals

Nasdaq is proposing market data reforms that will make the financial markets fairer, more transparent, and more competitive.

The Future of AI is on Blockchain

In this shared article, author Sebastian Wurst opines that the Raven Protocol is the latest and best step in helping grow the blockchain ecosystem.

New Virtual Currency Disclosure Requirements

David Mulle, partner at law firm Seward & Kissel LLP, has authored an alert on the topic or virtual currency disclosures as put forth by the National Futures Association. He shared it with Traders Magazine.