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Navigating Cybersecurity on a Stretch of "Regulatory Rapids"

In this shared commentary, Aplomb Strategies writes that when considering a firm’s governance structure, a holistic approach makes the most sense.

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Data Assets Strategy and Int-Data

In the report, Celent looks at the powerful combination of data and costs will trigger an interrogation of front-office processes in a manner never previously experienced. It also looks to answer some unique questions.

Navigating Cybersecurity on a Stretch of “Regulatory Rapids”

In this shared commentary, Aplomb Strategies writes that when considering a firm’s governance structure, a holistic approach makes the most sense.

Global Exchange Revenue Driven by Data Fees

In this shared report from Burton Taylor, exchange revenues from data and index activities continued to see strong growth with revenue totaling $2.9 billion in H117, up from $2.7 billion in the comparable period in 2016.

Why US firms Must Pay Close Attention Ahead of MiFID II Implementation

In this contributed item. Daniel Carpenter details the important upcoming changes U.S. firms need to look out for ahead of the January MiFID II implementation.

DTCC Unveils New White Paper Assessing Fintech's Impact

In this new white paper from DTCC, the company discusses how fintech could materially change the risk landscape in the years to come in either positive or negative ways,

Was it Worth It?

In this piece from 10th Man, author Jared Dillian discusses how the ETF revolution is less about ETFs and more about indexing; about how people have come to view stocks less as stocks and more as blobs of stocks.

Leveraging Next-Generation Technology to Drive Profitable Growth.

Broadridge Financial Solutions, in conjunction with Greenwich Associates, has issued a report - Pathways to Profit: Leveraging Next Generation Technology to Drive Profitable Growth - that examines the impact that cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and distributed ledger technology will have in driving new revenue and cost savings opportunities for capital markets firms.

30 Percent of Global ETF Trades Exceed 50/Month; 21 Percent in Blocks Over $100m

In a new survey shared with Traders Magazine, Jane Street reported that the global ETF market is demonstrating some distinct trading trends including meteoric growth and block trading.

Changing Tides in the Global Trading Landscape

In this guest commentary, Lyle Wilson of NEO argues that now is the time for traders to gain the best execution knowledge required for when MiFID II it inevitably reaches Canada.

Corporate ‘Body Language’ and How to Capitalize on It

In this guest contribution from Barry Star, he discusses how watching company actions through their corporate event activities can provide a clearer picture of the company’s health. And by recognizing this allows traders to take decisive action before the rest of the market.

Leveraging Innovation in RegTech

RegTech – an offshoot of fintech – is coming increasingly into play as firms look for solutions to comply with impending regulations. When leveraged effectively, these innovations can actually eliminate the need for certain regulatory processes, such as using predictive analytics to monitor for insider trading, sapient writes.

Navigating Systematic Internalisation

In this guest blog from Vela, tracking and accessing liquidity in the post-MiFID II landscape will be challenging is examined, particularly under the revised Systematic Internaliser (SI) regime.

A Position of Responsibility

In this guest blog from Fidessa, the implications for non-investment firms such as a US FCM with a client omnibus account at an EU broker, and how regulators need to provide more information on the scope of responsibilities for non-investment firms impacted by MiFID lI are discussed.

What is “Quality” Research and How to Produce More of It Despite the Squeeze on Budgets?

In this shared report from Integrity Research, the author argues that there is a great need for better data-driven insights, so both the buy- and sell-side can gain a more granular understanding of the value of published research.

Citi and Goldman Sachs Lead US Fixed Income Share Leaders

The vast majority of fixed-income trading volume and revenue is still captured by the six dealers that make up the list of the 2017 Greenwich Share Leaders - starting with the largest brokers.