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Colt's Hutchinson Says US Firms Should Follow Europe's MiFID II Preparations

In a conversation with Traders Magazine, Colt Technology Services' Julie Hutchinson discussed the widespread ramifications of MiFID II on European securities trading. She also said that while only a Euro-centric regulation, US firms should take heed and prepare - soon.

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CEO CHAT: Apex Clearing’s Capuzzi Says T+2 is Good Start, But T+1 Better

In this exclusive conversation with Traders Magazine, the CEO of Apex Clearing says that the new shortening of a trade's settlement cycle is a good start. But it could be shorter, he argues.

The Rearchitecting of the Treasury Trading Business

In a new report, Celent looks at the US treasury market and the remapping of banks’ fixed income infrastructure.

Five Ways to Prevent MIFID II Technology Decisions from Going Wrong

In this second installment, Vela Technologies shares five ways technology designed to assist with MiFID II compliance can go wrong and how to prevent these disruptions.

MiFID II RPA Solution Providers

In a report shared with Traders Magazine, Integrity Research reviews the vendors who are offering platforms designed to help asset managers implement the new research unbundling rules under MiFID II.

FPGAs Can Help Latency Sensitive Traders Achieve Better Executions

In this Q&A with Traders Magazine, Louie De Luna, Director of Marketing at ALDEC, talks about trading technologies such as Field Programmable Gate Arrays, software and latency issues and how his firm looks to help high-frequency and other speed-dependent traders in their quest to achieve best execution.

TRADING THE WEEK: Risk Remains in Focus

Risk – whether it be geopolitical or interest rate – is still the first thing on traders’ minds as April draws to a close.

Is IEX Selling “Snake Oil” to Retail Investors?

In this guest commentary from David Weisberger, he questions whether or not IEX's order types or routing practices truly help retail investors. He also advocates that the SEC should order IEX to include specific disclaimers about both displayed quotes and its handling of retail investor orders.

TRADING THE WEEK: Geopolitics Looms Large

All eyes will be looking towards Washington this week as tensions continue to grow as the US and China move military assets towards North Korea to dissuade the 'hermit kingdom' from further developing its nuclear arms program.

Modern Day Latency Arbitrage: Predicting Price Changes

In this blog shared with Traders Magazine, IEX's Eric Stockland, discusses latency arbitrage and how the newest public stock market is trying to level the trading playing field.

Next Steps in Bond Trading: All-to-All Matching Catching on?

In this contributed article, FlexTrade's Ivy Schmerken reviews the merits of corporate bond trading platforms in the electronic age.

TRADING THE WEEK: Status Quo Holds as Jobs Report Disappoints

In this week's review and recap, last week's jobs report and other factors failed to spur trading. This week's outlook, aside from a few speeches, looks to be equally quiet.

Equity Collateral Rule Change Hinges on SEC Appointments

A potential US rule change which could allow equities as an acceptable form of collateral is being considered by the SEC, market participants heard this week, although the outcome could be affected by personnel changes at the securities regulator.

Trading Rises With Clearing

Margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives have boosted clearing.

TCA Growth Being Fueled by Regulators and Investors

The buy side is increasingly looking to trade cost analyst – TCA – to help it meet its growing mandate for transparency. And the need for TCA is not just for equities trades anymore.

Q&A: FX Trading in Asia Pacific (Part 2)

In Part II of this Q&A: FX Trading in Asia Pacific, Vinay Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Head of FX Sales, APAC at FlexTrade Systems, discusses how the regulatory push for best execution is impacting FX trading in Asia, and why it’s driving demand for transaction cost analysis (TCA) through the execution management system (EMS).