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Understanding Your Data is No Longer Optional

In this contributed article from Global Markets Advisory Group, the advisory discusses the importance of data and how organizations should augment existing skill sets and capabilities to add a data-focused perspective to their operating fabric.

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Rebate Debate Misses the Mark

Dash Technologies' Peter Maragos weighs in on the market rebate debate - saying there is nothing intrinsically wrong with rebates, per se. However, there is a problem with the brokerage industry’s dominant fee model.

Low-Touch Trading Need Innovation to Grow

The buy-side still values the human high-touch trading experience and has voted with its order flow – and now the low-touch platforms, after years of unbridled growth, are now faced with stagnant market share. They too now must fight for business.

Time to Finally Release Asset Managers from the Shackles

In this contributed article, Prashant Kumar shares his thoughts on how recent issues changing the world of investment management make it the perfect time to reevaluate the current structure and existing operations and figure out a way for asset managers to take control of their own processes.

Time to Get Serious About Cybersecurity

American Stock Transfer and Trust's (AST) Chief Information Security Officer, Baba Gurjeet Bedi, shares his thoughts on the chief cyber threats currently facing the industry in 2018 and what to do about them in an exclusive to Traders Magazine.

How I Saw the Crypto Market Crash Coming and Got My People Out Before It Was Too Late

In this shared bog, Dan Jefferies recalls one special day of bitcoin trading and how the voices in his head helped him and his friends avoid big losses.

The Similarities and Differences Between Bitcoin and Forex Trading

In this contributed article, author David Webb examines the similarities and differences between cryptocurrency and foreign exchange trading.

Crisis Alpha

The markets have had a pretty astonishing bull run since the financial crisis -- a 17% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the last nine years. What should investors do now to prepare for a market correction? According to Damian Handzy, Global Head of Risk at StatPro, crisis alpha is the answer.

Debt Investors Need to Stay Cool

In this shared article, the author opines on why due diligence is critical for hedge funds and other types of debt investors. He explores why it can be difficult to uphold and which tools can help.

Digital Firestorm: Cryptocurrency Traders Must Brace for Prosecutorial Reckoning

In this contributed article, the authors discuss recent efforts by the SEC and CFTC to assert jurisdiction over cryptocurrency enterprises. They also address the possibility of criminal prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice.

It’s Not A Rebate!

In this shared blog with Traders Magazine, Themis Trading responds to critics of the recently announced IEX incentive plan who label it as a rebate.

New InvestOps Research Reveals 2018 Priorities for North American Buy Side Firms

In this shared report, report tackles the role of operations and the impact of regulation, as well as operational efficiency, asset class support, and investment strategy.

DTCC Suggests Policies to Modernize Equities Market Structure

DTCC announced its vision for the evolution of the U.S. equities market structure, unveiling a series of proposals to provide seamless access to new shortened settlement processing options, both pre-and post-trade.

Aite’s Mindlin Shares His Thoughts on NYSE’s New Trading-Only Exchange

In a recent conversation with Traders Magazine, Spencer Mindlin of Aite shared his thoughts with Editor John D’Antona Jr. on this new exchange and what NYSE hopes to achieve.

Avoid Bitcoin Like The Plague

In this guest op-ed, author Jack Bogle says that while investing in bitcoin looks attractive at the outset, it is nothing more than mere speculation. And that speculation could cost the uninitiated investor everything if he is not careful.

Peeling Back The Layers

Christian Voigt, Senior Regulatory Adviser at Fidessa shares his thoughts on Changes to the Large in Scale (LIS) thresholds in MiFID II, and the impact on restrictions on trade in the dark.