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What Next for Traders Saying Goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger?

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, Lesli Fairchild discusses how the DEC 15 shutdown of AOL Messenger will affect traders and what alternatives are out there.

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Every Cloud has a Regulatory Lining

In this exclusive item shared by Nasdaq to Traders Magazine, the authors focus on the adoption of the cloud by the financial sector and the various regulatory hurdles these firms are faced with.

Are Broker Dealers Ready for FINRA to Analyze their Routing?

In this contributed piece from ViableMkts, the author discusses how brokers should be concerned about upcoming regulator review of its algorithms.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Futures Regulation

A new commentary by Crow & Cushing, The Future of Cryptocurrency Futures Regulation, puts a spotlight on the current state of regulations for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency derivatives.

Bitcoin Futures – The Best Idea Ever?

In this share blog from Steve Grob, he argues that whilst fortunes will undoubtedly be made and lost on cryptocurrencies, its hard to form a view about the value of Bitcoin as an underlying asset for futures due to the almost daily price fluctuations.

Tabb Group Shares Its Market Predictions for 2018

Market consultancy Tabb Group shared its predictions regarding RPA, blockchain and other hot market topics for 2018 with Traders Magazine.

Bitcoin Seen as Safe Haven with Room to Grow, ICOs Eyed

The recent craze around cybercurrency bitcoin and others has gotten plenty of news recently and a new survey sheds some light on what potentially could be the newest asset class.

Clarity Through the DEA Tiers

Fidessa's Jeff Anderson looks to answer the question on the authorization of sub-delegated DEA providers.

Bridging the Gap in Capital Markets: How Divento Academy Is Reaching New Talent

In this shared blog from Trading Technologies, the firm discusses hiring new latent in today's highly competitive atmosphere.

More Unanswered Questions

Anne Plested from Fidessa highlights potentially harmful effects of the MiFID II trading obligations for shares.

Artificial Intelligence in Trading Crypto Assets Might Not Be So Smart…

In this guest commentary, David Weisberger argues that it is wrong to conflate the use of techniques and data in asset selection, portfolio construction and trading used for equities and apply them for crypto currencies.

ICOs: Financial Innovation or Modern Day Scam?

In this new blog series from CoinRoutes, the potential for ICOs to enable public participation in the funding of new blockchain related technology ventures being important is discussed.

Making the Market: Building Prices in Fixed Income

In this shared report, Vela presents the evolution of the fixed income market, and the technology implications for buy-side and sell-side firms.

Looking Ahead: Setting a Standard for the Future

Mark Wetjen, former CFTC Commissioner, shares with Traders Magazine his thoughts on the necessity for global regulatory standards to mitigate risk and ensure the stability of the global financial system as tech innovation continues to progress.

Enough is Enough

In this blog post from IEX, the topic of selling investors' data is a practice that has been going on for longer than recent memory.

How Can US Compliance Officers Stay Prepared in this Current Regulatory Landscape?

At a recent regulatory summit, Cordium delved into several regulatory topics affecting the market and shared its insights.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: New York GMST World Markets Launch Party

In this week's Flashback, Traders Magazine goes back to December 2000 and the New York GMST World Markets Launch Party.

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