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The Emperor's New Clothes

In this first of a two-part commentary, David Weisberger shares his views on IEX. He examines and opines as to whether or not the exchange has lived up to its billing as "fair, simple and transparent."

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The Alternative Data Vendor Survival Guide

Fans of alternative data, see it as the “secret sauce” that can give investors a richer, more nuanced view of markets than standard market data quotes and benchmarks. But, according to MayStreet, no matter how many successes alternative vendors log, their path to survival is fraught with pitfalls.

Research and the Right CHOICE

In this article, editor John D'Antona Jr. examines how one new regulation (MiFID II) and one proposed law (the CHOICE Act) could alter the market structure in a way not seen since Reg NMS.

MiFID II: How Did We Get Here and What Does It Mean?

In this contributed blog, Trading Technologies thoroughly examines MiFID II and all its implications from a technology standpoint.

The Russell Rebalance Trades: What to Expect

ITG's Ivan Cajic, Head of Index Research, shares his thoughts exclusively with Traders Magazine on this Friday's Russell Index reconstitution and projects that this year’s event will lead to more than $23 billion in net turnover.

MIFID II Will Change the Market in Six Distinct Ways

In this third and final MiFID II event report, Vela examines the changes that the participants from across the market expect to see in business models, trading patterns, and relationships. Here the firm looks at six points that firms need to consider before January 2018.

The Emperor's New Clothes

In this first of a two-part commentary, David Weisberger shares his views on IEX. He examines and opines as to whether or not the exchange has lived up to its billing as "fair, simple and transparent."

Reshaping the Market, One Trade at a Time

In this blog shared with Traders Magazine, IEX's Eric Stockland, discusses where the newest exchange is now and how it's approaching the future.

TRADING THE WEEK: Trading Picks Up in Wake of Fed, Witching

Traders breathed a huge sigh of relief last week as the markets survived a slew of economic data and the Federal Reserve finally raising short-term interest rates. After spending last week on edge, traders reported the market can now take a breath and relax – allowing investors to take a look at fresh strategies for the third quarter and get trade again.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: New York Stock Exchange Roils Options World

It was a time of acquisition mania in the options mart back in 2005 as the NYSE has just purchased rival Arca Ex, which in turn had itself just acquired the Pacific Coast Exchange. The grab for market share in these equity derivatives exchanges was the key to profitability, the thinking went. But compared to today’s trend of increased fragmentation in options, the idea of monopoly or oligopoly seems ludicrous.

Options Are Effective Means to Increase Alpha

According to Grant Johnsey, Head of Institutional Sales at Northern Trust’s Brokerage division, who recently spoke with Traders Magazine, options can be effectively used in a buy-side trader’s portfolio easily and boost his alpha capture.

NASDAQ CASE STUDY: Identifying the Signature of Spoofing

In this shared insight, exchange operator NASDAQ discusses ways to identify spoofers and how to combat them.

Small-Caps are Missing Key Ways to Attract New Investors and Raise Capital

According to a new OTC Markets survey, small-cap companies say increasing the liquidity of their stock is their #1 capital market concern, followed by increasing the company's share price, raising capital and attracting institutional investors.

ETF Flows Continue Upward Trajectory; $100B Pace Seen in Q2

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continue their meteoric rise and usage among investors and after just two months into the second quarter, ETF flows are on pace to top $100 billion for the third straight quarter, according to State Street Global research.

The Changing Face of Volatility

With the VIX not closing above 13.75 for the past year, many in the industry are left scratching their heads wondering whether low volatility is the new reality for the US equities market.

Time Ticking on Next Margin Deadlines

In a blog shared with Traders Magazine, ISDA's CEO discusses margin deadlines. As the variation margin forbearance period is set to end on September 1 in some jurisdictions, including the US, there’s little time left to make changes to the remaining 20-25% of CSAs.