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Trump Won't Kill America, Bitcoin Will

In this shared piece, author Brett Cenkus argues that nation-states will cease to exist not because of a who, but a what - and it's already here.

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RETAIL REPORT: Cboe Submits Retail Priority Filing

One exchange is looking to give retail orders a leg up in the queue.

RETAIL REPORT: ToledoTrade Launches $1.95 Online Broker

The firm's Standard plan available to all clients has commissions starting at $1.95 per order, with all regulatory fees and exchange fees included and excludes rebates.

The Small Exchange to Deploy Eventus Systems Technology for Real-Time Market Surveillance

Validus Cloud Platform usage will address new retail-focused futures market’s trading surveillance needs.

RETAIL REPORT: Lyft Leads Robust IPO Calendar

The IPO calendar, while relatively quiet up until the recent decision by Lyft to come to the market with its $2.1 billion offering just a few weeks ago, is beginning to firm up.

RETAIL QUICK TAKE: Active Funds Beat Passive Counterparts

For the first time in five years, active U.S. equity funds outshone their passive counterparts.

RETAIL REPORT: Trading Cryptocurrency Is Problematic For Regular Gamblers

In this study from Rutgers University, the authors suggest cryptocurrency trading appeals to people struggling with gambling.

Scientific Beta Highlights Risks of Factor-Investing Solutions

New white paper highlights the dangers of not adhering to academic consensus when it comes to factor investing.

RETAIL REPORT: Aximetria Integrates Stablecoins Into Next-Generation Personal Finance App

Aximetria will support all popular stablecoins in the application by mid-2019.

How Your Mind Works When Trading

In this new blog from therapist Storm Copestake, she examines just what comes over you when you get in to a trade?

RETAIL REPORT: Three Retail Trading Trends You Need to Know

Mohsin Siddiqui discusses how it’s essential that retail traders stay abreast of FX industry trends in order to gain an edge in their trading strategy. He targets three from 2018 that bear closer scrutiny.

Conquering Fear in Trading

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, therapist Storm Copestake examines how traders can manage expectations and conquer their fear during the entire execution process.

Weekly Corporate Event Highlights

Staying on top of corporate events is critical for any investment firm. Here are the selected events from Wall Street Horizon impacting the most widely held securities scheduled for this week.

RETAIL REPORT: RIAs Won’t Have to Duke it Out with TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Chief Executive Officer Tim Hockey said recently that the mega-retail brokerage is not going to try and compete in the same space as RIAs.

QUICK RETAIL TAKE: Tips For Preparing Yourself – And Your Portfolio – For A Potential Recession

Stash Graham, Managing Director of Graham Capital Wealth Management offers trading advice and guidance on how to protect one's portfolio.

RETAIL REPORT: Abra App Offers Zero Trading Fees for Global Traders

Investors in over 155 countries will be able to make fractional investments in U.S. stocks, commodities, indexes and ETFs with zero trading fees -- all within a single smartphone app.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: California STA of Los Angeles 68th Annual Convention

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY, Traders Magazine goes West and looks back to 2003 and the annual STALA conference.

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