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CANNABIS CORNER: Funding Without Prejudice

It might be getting a whole lot easier to inhale if one is in the cannabis industry.

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Once Burned, Twice Shy

Continued adoption of electronic FX trading is increasing demand for performance measurement while providing the necessary execution data to calculate it.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Over the past year, the liquidity in emerging currencies grew in fits and starts quarter to quarter. Traders asked FX veterans for their outlook on the next 12 months.

The Right Tool For The FX Job

As FX trading takes off inside buyside firms, OMS vendors are addressing the specialized needs of trading foreign exchange.

Taking a Closer Look

Wary of competing algorithms, some heads of foreign-exchange trading desks are rethinking their high-frequency trading practices.

Increasing Volume & Opportunities

New trading venues, HFT and market volatility are fueling the asset class to the head of the pack. Here's why, according to Aite Group's Sang Lee.

Enter the Algo Upstart

Big brokers began offering foreign-exchange trading algorithms five years ago, and now all the major players have an offering. Now a vendor is hoping to upend the status quo with a suite of algorithms it claims will offer better execution.

Custody Conundrum

Custodial banks are defending themselves against lawsuits over standing instructions on currency trades done during the clearing and settlement process.

Multi-Asset Masters

How Mellon Capital's Lynn Challenger effectively manages a desk trading stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives.

The Great Liquidity Search

Despite slow development, aggregation technology is now making greater strides toward helping investors achieve best execution.

Gaining Sway

More buysiders are using trade-cost analysis, a tool borrowed from the equity world, to improve their FX trading and get better returns for their investors.

Taking Control of the Process

Traditional asset managers are growing more comfortable with foreign-exchange trading, and while many are dealing directly over the phone with large banks to facilitate their FX trading, some are crafting their own forex trades on electronic platforms.

Almost In a Single Bound

Citigroup set a goal this year of regaining the top spot in in Euromoney's annual rankings of the world's largest foreign exchange trading operations by volume, which it last held in 2002. But it fell just short-coming in 0.28 percent behind leader Deutsche Bank in market share. Enjoy this Q&A with Citi's Bernie Sinniah on Citi's strategy to get to the top FX spot.

Forex Trading Getting 'Equitized'

Large asset managers are now synchronizing the trading of currencies and equities on a single desk to help clients’ execution.

On Alert

Japan is actively devaluing its yen. Other nations threaten to retaliate, in kind, to stimulate their own economies through cheaper exports. A global currency war could wreak havoc on many smaller economies and stall out the budding recovery under way in larger ones ... or not.

Happy Days Are Here Again

Across the globe, foreign exchange desks are partying like it's...well, any year but last year.