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OPINION: CAT NMS is Out of Options

The SROs have no choice but to meet their deadlines.

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More News - Dark Pools/ECNs

TradingScreen Partners with BIDS Trading and Cboe LIS on Equities

TS clients in the U.S. and Europe will benefit from the seamless access to the largest block provider of liquidity in the U.S. and Cboe LIS’ growing liquidity pool in Europe.

Fragmentation in Focus

Exchanges drive the bus of price discovery in U.S. equity markets.

Brokers Routing to Their Own ATSs Face Scrutiny

In the wake of a FINRA working paper that found orders routed by brokers that send a relatively high percentage of institutional orders through affiliated ATSs receive lower fill rates and higher execution costs, FlexTrade delves into this topic and comments on the distinct patterns of order routing behavior.

Slicing the Liquidity Pie

In this shared post from NASDAQ, author Phil Mackintosh dissects the equity markets liquidity structure.

QUICK TAKE: Cboe Global Markets Reportedly Interested in BIDS

BIDS Trading might be in Cboe's crosshairs for acquisition.

Trading Via On-Demand Auctions is Better for Buy-Side

When it comes to better executions and trading, blocks are better. And so are on-demand auctions, according to one executive.

OTCXN Launches LiquiMatch FX ECN

OTCXN’s unique ECN, LiquiMatch FX, is an institutional-only foreign exchange dark pool embedded in a lit pool.

High Broker-Affiliated ATS Order Routing Associated with Lower Fill Rates, Higher Costs

FINRA released a new working paper that examines order fills versus costs for brokers who use and ATS.

Reinventing Trading Venues: How AI Can Help Create a More Efficient Market

In this whitepaper shared with Traders Magazine, the Hegarty Group examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help traders execute more efficiently.

MATCHNow Launches Conditional Orders in Canada

The new functionality looks to create a new source of block liquidity for broker-dealers in the Great North.

Empowering the Buy-Side Trader

Buy-side traders work best when they have the right tools.

Imperative Execution Closes $9 Million Series A Financing Round

Investment accelerates launch of IntelligentCross, the industry’s first AI-powered “Smart Venue."

WBR ELS: The Resurgence of the Block Trade

Technology and new order types have boosted block trading.

Outsourcing Can Help ATSs Jump Regulatory Reporting Hurdles

Paul Roland, Global Head of Markets & Services, Banks & Brokers, Nasdaq, spoke with Traders Magazine's sister publication Global Trading on how ATS can jump regulatory hurdles more easily by outsourcing the operation of their platform.

Who Created This Mess, Anyway? Hint: It Wasn't the Exchanges.

In this retrospective article originally written for Institutional Investor and posted by Justin Schack on LinkedIn, he reminds that today’s market-structure battles are not new. And it shows, importantly, that the major exchange groups which currently find themselves fending off attacks from other market participants did not create the status quo that so many find so objectionable.