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Three Reasons the "Downs" Have Greater Impact In An "Up and Down" Stock Market

Brian Decker, a financial planner and founder of Decker Retirement Planning Inc., argues that it is much more important for investors to consider the downside in turbulent markets than the upside.

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U.S. Equity Brokerage Commissions Down for Eighth Straight Year

In what was once hoped would be a short-term slump in commissions has become a more prolonged depression. It truly isn’t a good time to a broker these days.

Bernstein Taps Commcise Commission Management Platform to Support CSA/RPA Offering

Cloud-based solution supports complex unbundling rules and changing regulatory compliance requirements.

Algorithmic Trading and TCA Adoption Driven by FX Global Code

This contributed piece from Pragma's Curtis Pfeiffer focuses on how there is increasing demand from corporates and other buy-side institutions for algorithmic trading tools. As they sign up to the Code, it will encourage their banks and brokers to sign up and support, creating a positive ripple effect.


Structural Changes in Canada

More change is coming to the equity trading markets of the Great White North.

Omega ATS's New Lynx Venue Opens for Business

Canada's Omega ATS has opened its second trading venue in the Great White North -Lynx ATS. After receiving final approval and making all the tweaks and getting its trading technology in order, the new venue is officially open for business.

PDQ Opens New Institutional Desk

PDQ ATS is looking to get into the institutional trading business and has started an institutional equities group to get the buyside's business and its bigger trades. And it has hired two new ex-exchange pros to help get the new venture going.

The Dark Pool Rises

The dark markets have become so efficient that the costs of execution and market impact are lower than at the display markets, where take fees are highest and market impact is most significant.

Dark Pool Trade Size Down

Traders believe dark pools have entered a "mature phase" and use them to avoid "toxic liquidity" from high-frequency trading firms, but the size of trades in those pools is getting smaller. These are among a few findings from a new report published by market research firm Celent.

Fragmentation Stirs Ire

Industry professionals took the opportunity to gripe about the proliferation of stock exchanges at this year's Security Industry and Financial Markets Association market structure conference.