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14 Facts About Markets in 2019

Nicolas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek, shares hiss examination of the 14 facts prevalent to him in this year's financial markets.

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Looking Forward, Back at Risks

Omaha, Neb.-based PrairieSmarts is rolling out software that looks at risks faced by securities in both the past and future.

Debate on EMS/ OMS Merger

So far, there's no clear direction as to whether buyside trading desks should keep management and execution of their orders in two separate systems or unify them in a single one.

Defining the Alpha Code

The Boston Company’s David Brooks, along with his fellow traders, is spending more time mining and analyzing data to find lesser-known stocks that can provide clients with above-average alpha and boost returns.


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Fund Fight

For years, exchange-traded fund trading volume surged. Now, it’s slumping too. Nasdaq, NYSE and BATS are now slugging it out with incentives, new order types and a new ETF-focused exchange to resuscitate trading.

Word for Word with Nick Nielson

Nick Nielsen is head of quantitative trading at Marshall Wace, a British hedge fund. He spoke at TradeTech in New York in February about his trading process. Nielsen's advice to his audience was to develop a "repeatable process" and keep refining it through experimentation. We excerpt some passages from his talk.

At Odds Over Increments

Are higher trading costs justified if they produce more support for small- and mid-cap stocks? That question is at the heart of a debate among trading practitioners, regulators and academics as the Securities and Exchange Commission mulls the introduction of a pilot that could quintuple the size of the minimum trading increment.

Side By Side, but Worlds Apart

Nathalie Texier-Guillot and David Silber sit side by side in Citigroup's equity derivatives department. But their worlds couldn't be further apart. And yet to a certain extent, their worlds are converging.

On the Move

Who's moving on the Street in equities and derivatives? Traders Magazine's OTM--On the Move--brings that info right here.

ITG Adds Anti-Gaming to Dark Pool

ITG has added anti-gaming technology into the operation of its POSIT dark pool, to protect institutional traders from high-frequency trading firms trying to sniff out their orders.