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14 Facts About Markets in 2019

Nicolas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek, shares hiss examination of the 14 facts prevalent to him in this year's financial markets.

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Nanoseconds for All?

UBS' Matt Senecal and Hyannis Port's Tony Amicangioli predict the spread of high-speed trading to asset managers

Come Together

The buyside wants its brokers to integrate their high- and low-touch traders into a unified coverage team. That's what institutional traders have requested, according to a consultancy.

On the Move

Who's moving on the Street in equities and derivatives? Traders Magazine's OTM--On the Move --brings that info right here.

UBS Pushes into Nanoseconds

UBS is now offering its latency-sensitive customers a faster way to access the public markets.

Communication Gap

More than half the information technology executives admit they don't fully understand the needs of traders.

MSA Archer Now Linked to Triton EMS

The buyside now can save time getting its private client-or wrap-trades done, as two system vendors have streamlined the trading and allocation process.

Buyside Wants Algo Clarity

Make electronic trading easier to understand! That's what buyside wants from the sellside when it comes to algorithms, according to a new report.

Back to Basics

Ariel Investments' Cheryl Cargie Thinks a Return to Simpler Market Structure Is Needed -- Now

Liquidity Managers

During a lunch with a bulge firm, Traders Magazine discussed a range of topics, but perhaps the most pertinent was the changing nature of the buyside-sellside relationship during these slumping times.

White Glove Service

For Lionel Mellul, the second time around opening a U.S. trading desk will hopefully prove the charm. The former co-founder and chief executive of now-defunct Momentum Trading Partners is looking to carve out a niche for himself by offering white-glove, high-touch service to a select clientele.

Flexing Their Mathematical Muscles

Two Sigma Securities is entering the wholesaling business. The firm is leveraging the technology infrastructure and trading expertise of its buyside parent, Two Sigma Investments, and is making inroads into the business of filling orders for retail brokerages with firm capital.

Taking Control of the Process

Traditional asset managers are growing more comfortable with foreign-exchange trading, and while many are dealing directly over the phone with large banks to facilitate their FX trading, some are crafting their own forex trades on electronic platforms.

Buyside Wants Algo Clarity

The buyside is looking for even more insight and control over its algorithms.

Seeking Alpha

Lake Hill Capital, a hedge fund that trades options, is seeing demand for its alpha-seeking strategy as concerns over Black Swan events subside.

On The Move

Who's moving on the Street in equities and derivatives? Traders Magazine's OTM--On the Move --brings that info right here.