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14 Facts About Markets in 2019

Nicolas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek, shares hiss examination of the 14 facts prevalent to him in this year's financial markets.

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The Buyside's Moment of Truth

Firms are discovering there is a strong business need for accurate real-time positional data across their organizations. Sapient's Duncan Cooper says access to such data would maximize investment opportunities and ensure that a firm can be fully invested.

Cocuzza Joins Vandham Securities

A look at the equity industry's prominent hires, promotions and other notable happenings around wall Street's trading community.

IEX Adds Analytics to Monitor Trading

IEX, the buyside U.S. equities trading venue, has deployed Verdande Technology's VTEdge platform for operational surveillance of trading activity.

Fragmentation Stirs Ire

Industry professionals took the opportunity to gripe about the proliferation of stock exchanges at this year's Security Industry and Financial Markets Association market structure conference.

Wall Street Women Honored

Wall Street's finest women were formally recognized by their peers on Nov. 6, as 190 industry executives, family, friends and past honorees celebrated the group's outstanding contributions and achievements.

10 Trends that Shook the Trading Desk

Glitches, order sizes, mergers, dark pools and a more powerful buyside. Our editors take a look at the top stories that had the biggest impact in a non-stop, ever-changing year.

What A Year

When Traders Magazine looks back at 2013 with some distance and a cooler head, we might see it as the year the markets grew accustomed to the turmoil on Wall Street and beyond. In fact, with all the drama, the capital markets chugged along almost as if the outside world did not matter.

Magic Number

How much is too much? Industry officials are starting to worry that the increase in off-board trading will lead to a deterioration in the quality of the U.S. stock market.

A Hedge for All Reasons

Battle-ready traders may never know the direction in which a stock will travel, but they can build a protective wall.

Domanski Joins Braver Stern

A look at the equity industry's prominent hires, promotions and other notable happenings around wall Street's trading community.

Ems & Oms: Seamless Is Better

Execution management system vendor Redi Holdings and order management system vendor Citadel Technology are working together to build a combined order-execution management system.

Kill Switches Coming

Verdande Technology, a Norwegian vendor that provides risk monitoring systems to the oil and gas industry, is writing software for brokers to monitor their trading systems.

Industry Wary of Single Platform

Despite a growing trend of electronic trading in asset classes other than equities, industry officials are divided over the need for a single trading platform to trade multiple asset classes.

Execs OK with New Dark Pool Rules

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority officially announced new disclosure rules for dark pools and industry executives are OK with them so far.

Braking HFT

Should one group of traders have a speed advantage over another? Many in the industry say 'no' as they blame high-frequency traders for the market's ills