Storm Copestand
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Conquering Fear in Trading

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, therapist Storm Copestand examines how traders can manage expectations and conquer their fear during the entire execution process.

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Hedge Funds' AUM Appetite Seen Growing

Hedge funds' assets under management and their appetite for investments, including equities, is expected to grow this year.

Young Guns Hit the Trading Floor

Fresh-faced yet experienced graduates are entering investment firms in strong numbers. And this crop of bright young things is bringing new skills and placing new demands on the buyside.

New Blood

Fresh-faced yet experienced graduates are entering investment firms in strong numbers. Traders looks at this crop of bright young things and the new skills and placing new demands on the buyside.

A Matter of IT Trust

Before a hedge fund signs on with an IT firm-cloud, network or otherwise-it must be certain the firm can handle any and all situations.

Stress Factor

Today's traders must manage their emotions in order to reach peak performance.

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

Instinet Promotes Kellner to CEO

Anatomy of an ETF Challenger

Warburg Pincus is acquiring asset manager Source with eyes for more growth down the road in the ETF market space.

Top 10 Trading Schools

Traders assembled a deep bench of judges to select the top U.S. universities that produce the most impressive candidates each year in the field of trading.

Inside the Broker Vote

By taking control of its commissions and judging the research it receives, the buyside increasingly is using its broker vote to decide which brokers to trade with and how much to pay. It's a whole new competition, and the brokers are eager to please.

A Bright Future For Swapping Futures

While no one expects swaps futures to take over the OTC swaps market, a movement of 5 percent of the massive OTC swaps volume would be a huge win for futures market.

Cloud Message Archiving

Abacus Group and Global Relay have partnered together to offer integrated message archiving, monitoring and compliance services to the buyside.

The Big Data Edge

How a tiny quant fund started by MIT graduates is exploiting thousands of sources of global data-from news alerts to geosensory feeds to social media-to create its next big deal.

HFTs Form Group

Four high-frequency trading firms have formed the Modern Markets Initiative to defend HFT's role in the trading landscape.

Looking for Volatility

As the director of equity trading for Loomis, Sayles & Co., John Caron is dealing with a market that is strong but perhaps too placid for its own good. Here's how he trades in calm seas as he searches for volatility.

When Good Traders Go Bad

Today's bad decisions can become tomorrow's legal disasters. Here's how to recognize the pattern of a trader about to go rogue.