US ETFs Have Record Net Inflows

ETFGI, a leading independent research and consultancy firm covering trends in the global ETFs and ETPs ecosystem, reported today record assets and net inflows for ETFs and ETPs listed in United States of US$6.60 trillion and US$523.89 billion respectively at end of July.

Net inflows of US$51.71 billion were gathered during July, bringing year-to-date net inflows to a record US$523.89 billion.

Assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in the U.S. increased by 1.5%, from US$6.51 trillion at the end of June, to US$6.60 trillion, according to ETFGI’s July 2021 US ETFs and ETPs industry landscape insights report, the monthly report which is part of an annual paid-for research subscription service. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.)


  • Record $6.60 trillion invested in ETFs and ETPs listed in US at the end of July.
  • Record YTD 2021 net inflows of $523.89 Bn beating the prior record of $275.34 Bn gathered YTD 2017.
  • YTD net inflows at $523.89 Bn are $34 Bn larger than the full year 2020 record $490.19 Bn in net inflows
  • $788 billion in net inflows gathered in the past 12 months.
  • Assets have increased 20.8% YTD in 2021, going from $5.47 trillion at end of 2020, to $6.60 trillion.
  • 24th month of consecutive net inflows
  • Equity ETFs and ETPs listed in the US gathered a record $360.79 Bn in YTD net inflows 2021.

“The S&P 500 gained 2.38% in July, despite concerns about a slowing economy, rising inflation and the possible impact of the COVID “delta variant”.  Developed markets ex-U.S. gained 0.40% in July while Emerging markets were down by 5.59% in July.” According to Deborah Fuhr, managing partner, and founder of ETFGI.

There were 2,633 ETFs and ETPs listed in United States with assets of $6.60 trillion, from 207 providers listed on 3 exchanges at the end of July.

During July 2021, ETFs/ETPs gathered net inflows of $51.71 Bn. Equity ETFs/ETPs listed in US gained net inflows of $33.35 Bn over July, bringing YTD net inflows for 2021 to $360.79 Bn, much higher than the $40.81 Bn in net inflows equity products had attracted for the corresponding period through July 2020.

Fixed income ETFs/ETPs listed in US reported net inflows of $15.56 Bn during July, bringing YTD net inflows for 2021 to $100.87 Bn, lower than the$107.86 Bn in net inflows fixed income products had attracted YTD in 2020.

Commodities ETFs/ETPs reported net outflows of $1.03 Bn over July, bringing year to date net outflows for 2021 to $7.62 Bn, less than net inflows of $40.13 Bn commodities products had attracted over the same period last year.

Active ETFs/ETPs saw net inflows of $3.35 Bn during July, bringing year to date net inflows for 2021 to $63.33 Bn, significantly more than the $24.95 Bn in net inflows active products had reported YTD in 2020.

Substantial inflows can be attributed to the top 20 ETFs by net new assets, which collectively gathered $42.33 Bn during July. Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETF (BSV US) gathered $5.99 Bn the largest individual net inflow.

Source: ETFGI