Liquidnet Expands US ETF Capabilities

 Liquidnet, a leading global agency broker, announced the expansion of its Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) capabilities in the US with an unconflicted solution to trade ETFs in the region.  

This announcement follows the launch of the firm’s EMEA ETF offering which recorded its largest trade of $33.8M in 2021. Its US equivalent is integrated in Liquidnet’s existing Equity trading application and is complemented by an RFQ process.   

 Rob Laible, Global Head of Equities, said: “By combining our award-winning trading technology and ETF RFQ process, we are affording our Members an additional layer of anonymity and enabling them to trade ETFs more efficiently, with seamless access to more liquidity in a fragmented and opaque ETF market.”

Laible added: “The number of ETFs in the United States has been growing exponentially for nearly two decades. However, many experience issues today when sourcing liquidity and the buy side industry is increasingly looking for new workflow solutions. As a global Agency Broker with over 20 years of experience in developing advanced trading technology, we believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver a market-driven solution that addresses the liquidity challenge and enables traders to access increased ETF liquidity at efficient pricing.” 

This offering is supported by the Liquidnet Trading Desk, a highly experienced, global team of trading consultants, which now includes Jennifer Hubbs who returns to Liquidnet as Head of the Trading Desk, Americas. In her role, Hubbs focuses on developing the firm’s program trading services in the region and strengthening its offering including ETF, high touch and inter-region trading, and execution consulting. She brings over 15 years of experience in program trading and was a member of Liquidnet’s Trading Desk team from 2008-2017, before returning to the firm in 2021. She previously worked at Dash Financial, Bloomberg Tradebook, ITG and New York State Common Retirement Fund.  

Hubbs said: “It is an exciting time to return to Liquidnet and a team of such strategic importance. The depth of experience and global nature of the Trading Desk team, as well as the innovative nature of its offering, positions Liquidnet as the Agency Broker partner of choice. This is what drew me back to Liquidnet and I am pleased to be a part of it.”

Source: Liquidnet