RETAIL REPORT: Evallon Provides Access to Alternative Platform

Evallon Global Investment, the New York and Hong Kong-based asset manager and alternative investment solutions provider, has announced that its alternative investment offering will be available for qualified investors from January 2020 onwards. Initially reserved for institutional investors, Evallon’s alternative platform is focused on a number of strategies ranging from secondary market transactions to private equity and to the delivery of hedge fund access.

Seeking alternative forms of investment for the diversification of portfolios is a rapidly growing trend amongst institutional investors as prevailing market conditions force capital into taking on excessive equity risk, in order to accommodate rising equity valuations throughout the major trading indices. On top of that, a number of political uncertainties continue to weigh heavily as the Brexit scenario and US-Chinese trade negotiations continue to be the focal point as to where markets will turn during the course of the year.

“The alternative investment sphere is not a particularly new investment phenomenon, however for the retail investor whose purchasing power is more limited than that at the institutional level, gaining access to alternative opportunities has proven to be difficult over the years. Our aim at Evallon is to make investing in alternatives as easy as investing in a mutual fund,” commented Carl Sayers, Director of Global Business, Evallon Global Investment.

The administration complexities of bringing alternatives to the retail market is also a cause of the slow rate of portfolio adoption particularly throughout the private investment sector. Since retail demand has risen drastically over the past several years, alternative providers and market regulators have worked to deliver solutions that are more appealing to the retail investment mindset.

“Access to alternatives for the retail investor has become more user friendly as regulatory transparencies have greatly improved and entry levels significantly reduced. Our own retail clients have over the past two years chosen to dedicate a portion of their portfolios to alternatives as they see the potential for improved outcomes as traditional equity/income strategies are simply failing to deliver on expectations as they once did.”