DeskTrading Offers FX Model Portfolios to DeskX

DeskTrading, a leading Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) solution provider, has recently announced the launch of its XDesk proprietary SMA trading platform, which has been developed to be an institutional-type fund management system built for retail investors.

An innovative and momentous product, built upon the XDesk platform for the retail segment of the FX market, has been announced by DeskTrading. As part of the transition to a modern-day technology platform, DeskTrading launches Smart Portfolios technology, providing clients access to bank and non-bank liquidity providers through a highly scalable, multi-asset, secure, and configurable model-based SMA architecture.

Building on the backbone of the SMA model portfolios, which are customized investment portfolios designed to achieve an expected return with a corresponding risk, the Smart Portfolios technology from DeskTrading looks set to provide a refreshing alternative to the recycled concept of the PAMM and MAM systems, which operate under retail trading conditions and have largely failed to produce the desired benefits for individual traders who want to remain passive earners in the FX market.

The SMA model has actually been around for many years, but it only started to receive a massive push following the 2008 global financial meltdown. In recent years, it has started to become even more mainstream, and demand for SMAs is growing as a result of changes in the liquidity environment and advancements in technology.

DeskTrading is a leader in the FX SMA technology solutions, and has recently launched its XDesk SMA platform designed for the retail trading industry to provide the only truly personalized account management service in the FX space. And with Smart Portfolios, the service is built around the clients’ specific needs, their objectives and risk appetite.

DeskTrading says Smart Portfolios will become available on February 3, 2020 as part of the XDesk platform. The new portfolios will be benchmarked to custom multi-asset portfolio benchmarks.

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