SunGard Launches TCA Solution for Foreign Exchange Trading

Currency traders are about to get another choice when it comes to trade cost analysis.

SunGard has launched an independent, real-time transaction cost analysis (TCA) solution for foreign exchange (FX) trading to help traders, corporate treasurers and portfolio managers understand the quality of their FX executions. The FX TCA solution helps firms gain transparency over their FX trading by providing real-time FX pricing and transaction data on a customizable data analysis toolkit delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment.

The absence of a central or regulated pricing venue is driving the need for FX pricing transparency for managing exposure and costs. As FX execution unbundles from custody arrangements, and trading continues to move from manual to electronic methods, more attention is being paid on monitoring the cost of execution, closing out positions intraday to drive real-time trading and hedging of FX risk, and utilizing TCA to evaluate performance while maintaining better control over pricing.

“With growing adoption of electronic FX trading, including algorithmic order routing, becoming an integral part of the daily workflows of real asset managers, hedge funds, and corporate treasury departments’ end-users alike, the resulting demand for FX TCA services of all types -: post-trade, pre-trade, and real-time analysis, will continue to grow healthily into the foreseeable future,” said Howard Tai, senior analyst, Aite Group.

according to SunGard, its TCA solution analyzes forex transactions and shows the relative performance of the customer’s FX trading activity.