S3 Launches CAT Reporting Solution

AUSTIN, TX January 15, 2020 — S3, a leading provider of regulatory reporting technology, trade surveillance, and post-trade analytics announced today that it will offer CAT Reporting as part of its
all-in-one regulatory reporting solutions. As part of this launch, S3 will be providing CAT reporting services to the brokers hosted by a US-based exchange.

The SEC’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) is a comprehensive database of all US equity and option transactions, hosted by FINRA. S3’s solution assists broker-dealers with the considerable specific requirements placed on them for reporting to the Consolidated Audit Trail.

Mark Davies, S3 CEO, said, “We are eager to offer our S3 CAT reporting system as part of our regtech service offering, which continues to morph and grow as the landscape and nature of the
industry continues to change. With new regulations coming down the pipeline, firms must be prepared to make adjustments that are often costly. S3’s CAT reporting product intends to mitigate that expense and lift much of the compliance burden from our clients.”

As a market leader in SEC Rules 606 and 605 regulatory reporting as well as best execution analytics, CAT was a natural extension to S3’s product offering. Since S3 already has an existing infrastructure that currently processes a substantial volume of data required to analyze
several exchanges and many bulge-bracket clients, S3 can easily handle the data required for collection and delivery to FINRA in order to meet the SEC CAT requirements.

“We are excited to be working with such a well-respected institution,” continued Davies, referring to the exchange who will be supplying S3’s CAT services to its brokers. “With our customer-centric regulatory reporting solutions, we aim to provide our clients with an all-in-one
solution, reducing their need to rely on multiple vendors, while providing the best experience and solutions for their CAT, 606, and other regulatory needs.”