InvestorLink, Workflow Technology Provider, Launches

Terry Flanagan

InvestorLink Formally Launches, Bringing Workflow Technology Solutions to Optimize Connectivity Between Investment Banks and Retail Liquidity

InvestorLink, having provided more than $2 billion of retail liquidity support to nearly 800 IPOs and follow-on offerings, unveils its new broker-neutral, product-neutral workflow technology platform.March 01, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InvestorLink, a leading retail liquidity venue and workflow technology solution for sell-side investment banks, announces the launch and roll out of its platform delivering end-to-end capabilities to seamlessly source retail liquidity for primary market transactions.

InvestorLink, founded by Matt Michel, has also brought in key industry veterans including Zachary Klehr, previously Executive Vice President of Fund Management at FS Investments, and Paul Gaydos, former Head of Equity Syndicate at Mizuho Securities. Klehr and Gaydos join InvestorLink as Managing Partner and Head of Equity Syndicate, respectively.

InvestorLink is focused on providing workflow technology that enables syndicate desks to efficiently source retail liquidity for primary market transactions across InvestorLink’s network of over 7,000 retail brokers and financial advisors managing more than $260 billion of assets.

“We founded Investorlink after witnessing the friction that occurred when sourcing and aggregating retail liquidity for primary market transactions. Since then, we’ve supported nearly 800 IPOs and follow-ons and have worked to remove the pain points of our buyside and sell-side stakeholders,” says Matt Michel, Founder and Managing Partner of InvestorLink. “It was this experience that guided us to reinvest in our stakeholder ecosystem to build a broker-neutral, product-neutral technology platform to make this aspect of markets scalable, efficient, and frictionless.”

Investment banks working with InvestorLink can access the firm’s retail network through its digitized platform that can also automate and manage many pre- and post-trade services, including communications and compliance.

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About InvestorLink

InvestorLink has developed a comprehensive, end-to-end technology platform that makes it easy for investment banks to source retail liquidity for new issue offerings across the capital markets. The InvestorLink platform seamlessly connects syndicate desks to a robust network of retail liquidity and makes it easy for syndicate desks to tailor and customize retail participation as appropriate for each transaction. InvestorLink’s broker-neutral technology platform automates and manages many pre- and post-trade services, such as compliance and communications which saves investment banks time, money, and aggravation.