Otkritie Capital Joins IPC Financial Markets Cloud

This allows institutional investors and fund managers to access Russian market liquidity and use Otkritie global prime services

Otkritie Capital has joined the IPCFinancial Markets Network(FMN). Now, IPC’s market participants can connect to Otkritie’s services to trade in Russian equities, derivatives and spot FX markets, and access global prime services.

“Otkritie plays a central role in the success of most institutional investors, fund managers and proprietary traders, particularly for firms interested in borrowing securities, getting margin trading facilities and having direct access to multiple asset classes and liquidity pools available on the Moscow Exchange, with a strong focus on RUB related instruments.” saidSerge Alexandre of Otkritie.

He added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with IPC to offer global investors with state-of-the-art connectivity and communications solutions for financing trades and managing risk.

“It is our goal to provide institutional investors, corporate treasuries and fund managers with innovative solutions to source liquidity and execute compliant trades across asset classes,” saidDavid Brown, senior vice president, Financial Markets Network, IPC. “Connectivity has become a cornerstone for investors, especially for those taking short positions and seeking to amplify profits through leverage. We are delighted to welcome Otkritie Capital to our diverse and secure financial markets private cloud.

The IPC Financial Markets Network service portfolio includes the Connexus Financial Extranet, Direct Connect and MPLS WAN data services, as well as Trader and Enhanced Voice connectivity services. IPC’s Financial Markets Network interconnects global financial centers and allows access to more than 6,000 market participant locations across 700 cities in more than 60 countries.

Otkritie Capital is a leading brokerage company with a focus on prime broking, equity, derivatives, fixed income, FX & IR, commodities and research. Otkritie provides access to Russian markets.