Nasdaq Adds New Data Sets to Analytics Hub

Exchange operator Nasdaq has decided to expand its analytics data sets.

In a move designed to increase the effectiveness of its flagship Analytics Hub product suite, Nasdaq increased the number of data sets it offers to clients. By offering more data, the exchange hopes to not only increase the number of traders using it for executions but also its data business.

Traders Magazine has learned the following new data sets are now available:

  • eVestment ESG – exclusive to Analytics Hub, it uses empirical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data provided exclusively to Analytics Hub by Nasdaqs eVestment to help investors and consultants make investment decisions and recommendations in line with ESG standards internationally, allowing users to screen for ESG-friendly investments easily
  • iSentium Social Media Sentiment – exclusive to Analytics Hub, this new model based on a monthly investment horizon transforms widespread social media sentiment assets into actionable scores using iSentiums patented natural language processing technology and artificial intelligence; this updated dataset contains additional fields for a comprehensive view of how the set is curated
  • Global NewsExposure– collects high quality, publicly-available media content in order to discern and quantify relationships among financial, economic, socio-economic and political forces to help investors manage risk and maximize returns
  • Supply Chain NetworksExposure– measures global and regional supply chain information to identify relationships between companies based on the production and sale of products, enabling investors to better manage risk and maximize returns by identifying critical and well positioned companies through a proprietary knowledge graph

Nasdaqs Analytics Hub was launched in 2017. The Hub seeks to bring order and structure to the myriad amount of data available and make it more user-friendly for both institutional and retail traders through a single interface.