EOD Tick Data Now Available Via Vela

Vela is pleased to announce the launch of SuperFeed Tick Data, a new feature of our low latency, normalized market data feed, SuperFeed.

SuperFeed is a fully-hosted shared ticker plant delivering fully-normalized market data with the performance of a direct feed from multiple access points globally. Market coverage includes all major EMEA and North American markets and a rapidly expanding range of APAC markets.

SuperFeed Tick Data extends this offering to deliver normalized end-of-day full-tick files for a range of European, North American and Asia Pacific venues. The files provide an extensive and exhaustive record of the days activity for a specific market, including all trades, order book updates and quotes. They are an ideal solution for clients who need to back-test their algorithmic strategies, perform research and analysis, derive analytics and/or feed tick query and charting databases, among other use cases.

Data content is normalized to a fixed specification in comma-separated values format (csv) and contains all order, quote and trade information for the day. Files are downloaded from an FTP site, or can be delivered to a cloud storage service, e.g. AWS S3, on a T+1 basis to meet exchange end-of-day policy agreements.