A Financial Transaction Tax Harms U.S. Capital Markets and Individual Investors

SIFMA recently published a report and fact sheet on the ramifications of a financial transaction tax–a retirement tax which harms working Americans, the U.S. capital markets and individual investors 

The fact sheet outlines the ways in which the tax would harm investors and decrease retirement savings, the negative impacts to retail investors of a 0.1% FTT, how the tax is bad for the markets and the economy, and cites examples of countries implementing an FTT which found revenues were lower than estimated and investor costs were high.

In two related reports also issued, SIFMA also covered who owns stock in America and a primer on electronic trading market structure.

Here are the links:

The Ramifications of a Financial Transaction Tax

Financial Transaction Taxes: A Fact Sheet

Q: Who Owns Stocks in America? A: Individual Investors  (A Chart Book on Stock Ownership)

Electronic Trading Market Structure Primer