Scoring Big at the Minnesota SDA Buyside vs. Sellside Hockey Classic

Traders and brokers from the Twin Cities hit the ice at the annual hockey tournament at the Minnesota Security Dealers Association.

After a hectic day of trading earlier this month, teams of traders and broker-dealers gathered to settle matters on the ice. The folks from the Minnesota Security Dealers Association put the natural rivalry to good use with a series of games for the 22nd annual MSDA Buyside vs. Sellside Hockey Tournament.

Traders and brokers from such local investment firms asRBC, Northland, Wedbush Securities, Arbor, Piper Jaffrey and othersgathered at a local Minneapolis hockey arena for a set of best three out of five games. Dan Hendrickson of Northland Capital Markets is the former MSDA President who puts this game together each year.

Last week Traders presented the first set of pictures from theMSDA Buyside vs. Sellside hockey classic.

After the games, theplayers and their supporters gathered at the Bulldog Downtown in Minneapolisto share drinks and trades stories of competition on the ice and on the trading floor.

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Minnesota SDA hockey photos byNoah Wolf.