Liquid Holdings Targets Hedge Funds with New Risk App

Hedge funds that need to manage portfolio and risk analysis and reporting across multiple funds can now do it on a mobile device in real-time, all the time, everywhere.

That’s as long as they use Liquid Holdings newest app, LiquidMobileSM, its real-time, handheld device -optimized risk management application. This feature-forward app allows managers to make faster and on-the-move investment decisions – and allows them to focus more time on the business of trading.

LiquidMobileSM is engineered for easy interaction away the desktop and onto any mobile device, giving fund managers the ability to easily interact with historical, real-time, and forward-looking P&L, performance, market and liquidity risk, and NAV-light calculations. With mobile-optimized dashboards to monitor investments and investor relationships on the go, LiquidMobileSM helps money managers better meet rising pressures across transparency, regulations and operating costs, according to Liquid Holdings.

The app provides fund managers with full control of every step in the investment process. By accessing the app from a mobile device or desktop, clients gain access to one or more portfolios to:

– View real-time P&L and risk, to see the impact the latest transactions have on the portfolio

– Rapidly stress test potential scenarios to answer detailed investor questions such as ‘How does a price drop in oil affect my investments?’

– Access a library of exposure and risk metrics to create custom dashboards and reports

– Verify the official books and records with comparative NAV calculations-. Simplify front office processes through a single vendor-partner, from creating orders to actively managing performance and risk through one system

LiquidMobileSM allows portfolio managers and their teams to dedicate more time to instituting and refining their investment methodology, instead of compiling and searching through data. It allows fund staff to communicate the impact current market conditions have on holdings as they happen, down to the security level, from any location.