An Inside Look at Today’s Order Management Systems

In this gallery, Traders presents a sample of the leading OMSs used on the leading buyside trading floors.

When order management systems first started cropping up in the 1990s their main goal was connecting buyside firms to their brokers electronically. Paperless trading and reducing manual errors sounds like a pretty basic concept but the debut of the OMS was the start of something big.

In this Traders gallery, we take a look at some of the leading OMSes on the desks of today’s tech-savvy buyside traders. We also share some features and elements of what helps these solutions stand out in a crowded and competitive field. While we couldnt obtain screenshots of every OMS solution – some firms were camera shy – Traders hopes that this sample gives you a taste of what the men and women inside asset management firms, hedge funds and prop trading shops look for during their trading day.

Traders is proud to present our firstOrder Management System Overview.

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