Velox Clearing Launches Correspondent Clearing and Prime Brokerage Services

ANAHEIM, CA — Velox Clearing (“Velox”), a technology-forward clearing firm and provider of clearing solutions to some of the financial industry’s most agile firms, announced its official launch. Led by a team of clearing industry veterans with nearly 170 years of collective experience, Velox Clearing offers a robust technology solution that is complemented by best-in-class customer service. 

Headquartered in Southern California, Velox offers securities clearing, settlement, custody, margin lending, stock loan, and prime brokerage solutions to small- to mid-sized broker-dealers, registered investment advisers (RIAs), hedge funds and automated (black box) traders. Velox brings superior efficiency and speed to the back-office, supporting its customers’ business operations by combining modern, responsive technology with high-touch service, competitive pricing, and rigorous risk management controls. It also offers flexible APIs that enable the firm’s customers to seamlessly integrate their existing infrastructure with Velox’s environment — in some instances, this can reduce account opening times to mere seconds. 

The independent firm was established as a response to ongoing industry shifts, including the increased prevalence of high-frequency trading and the exploding popularity of online deep discount brokerages, which have led to greater trading volumes and nascent regulatory concerns. For industry incumbents, these changes have necessitated ongoing technology upgrades to handle traffic and to enable profitability within smaller stock market spreads. As these firms grapple with updating antiquated systems and protecting their balance sheets, there has been a significant contraction of viable clearing and custody options available for smaller clients. 

“Many legacy firms have been slow to adapt to change and have instead focused their efforts on patching aging systems that are simply not equipped to handle today’s volumes or functions,” said Pat Kelly, CEO of Velox Clearing. “We’ve leveraged our   deep expertise to build a solution with technology and risk management at the forefront, rather than as an afterthought. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our personal approach to service, which affords each and every customer access to a dedicated industry expert that cares deeply about their business.”

David Herron, former CEO of the Chicago Stock Exchange, and a member of Velox Clearing’s board of directors, added: “In a rapidly evolving business environment that is characterized by innovative technologies, increased competition and emerging regulatory risks, there is a segment of the market that has become underserved by larger banks. Velox is primed to not only meet these customers’ needs, but to help them thrive. I look forward to working with this dynamic team as they expand their presence.”

About Velox Clearing

Headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Velox Clearing LLC is a technology-forward Correspondent clearing firm, prime broker and RIA custodian. Combining deep expertise, exceptional client service and cutting-edge technology, Velox Clearing empowers its clients to focus on controlling costs, acquiring new business and leveraging their market presence. 

Velox Clearing is registered with the SEC, is a member of FINRA and the NYSE, and is a direct participant in DTCC/NSCC and SIPC. For more information, visit