thinkorswim Platform Ups Fundamental Data Research and Screening Capabilities

New research tools make it even easier for retail investors to research securities using fundamental data screens on the thinkorswim trading platform from TD Ameritrade, Inc. –

Fundamental Watchlists: All of the fundamental data available in thinkorswim’s Stocks Fundamentals tab have migrated into all of the watchlists. The watchlist interface now has more than 40 additional new data points, including growth rates, valuations and profitability metrics, all backed with full historical data.

Many of these are customizable by timeframe and display aggregation, for example, yearly, quarterly or five-year trend data.

Fundamental Scanning: thinkorswim users can also search the universe of equity symbols for all of the companies that fit a unique profile of fundamental metrics through the Stock Hacker and Options Hacker tabs. Users apply filters to scan for specific metrics and refine their searches by applying timeframe and aggregation parameters.

“Our clients now have access to one of the most powerful screeners in the world, and can search the universe of equity symbols based on an extensive set of fundamental and technical parameters,” said Nicole Sherrod, managing director of trading, TD Ameritrade. “Our new, highly sophisticated interface can help them make more informed decisions and the ability to share their screeners means our clients can collaborate to have a more engaging trading experience.”

Separately, thinkorswims paperMoney function has been upgraded based on client feedback to give the user an even more realistic experience. Expiring securities such as options, futures and futures options now end automatically in these demo accounts to better simulate a real-time trading experience.

For more on the new fundamental data screeners, please click here.