TECHNOLOGY: New iPad App Helps Buyside Execute Futures Trades

There’s an app for that now – traders can use the swipe of a finger on their iPads to trade futures., a market data and information provider, has announced its Barchart Trader for iPad app. The app is free and available through the Apple App Store as ‘Barchart Trader.’

The mobile trading solution features a touch interface and key tools such as streaming real-time quotes, interactive charts, market depth, cumulative volume, and time and sales. Users can execute futures trades, view their orders, and manage their positions from the convenience of their iPad. With Barchart’s integrated trading partners, virtually all futures traders can use Barchart Trader for executing orders, regardless of which brokerage or FCM they use.

“Barchart Trader for the iPad provides traders with a desktop in their hands yet the convenience of a tablet,” said Eero Pikat, Barchart’s’ president. “With the swipe of a finger, users can easily set-up custom workspaces and manage the tools they want on each screen.”

Traders can view such features such as: streaming real-time data for subscribers, streaming delayed data for guest accounts, order execution, interactive charts, depth of market with cumulative volume, time and sales, order entry, order management, position management, see real-time financial and commodity market news and customize their workspaces.

And that might not be all. Barchart is also working with brokerages to provide them with their own white labeled versions. Users can still access the collection of features in the Barchart version, but under the branding of their brokerage firm.