TECH TUESDAY: BondEdge Launches Equities Analytics Suite

Call it cross-pollenization at a tragng tech vendor.

BondEdge, traditionally a purveyor of fixed-income portfolio management and trading software, is now offering institutional traders a new suite of equity analysis and reporting tools. This expanded offering will deliver cross-asset portfolio analysis and reporting capabilities.

Multi-asset investing is increasing in popularity as managers are finding it harder to generate alpha via fixed income investments as interest rates are incrementally rising. By expanding into equities, BondEdge looks to grow it book of business as well as meet its clients needs for a single integrated and automated system.

In the current low interest rate environment, many asset managers and financial institutions are expanding their investments across multiple asset classes, yet lack a single system for analysis and reporting said Will Rhode, director of fixed income, TABB Group. Manually aggregating the information in order to assess exposures or to perform compliance related processes can be tedious for these investment professionals.

BondEdges system will allow users to:

– Identify cross-asset attribution and risk (e.g. owning a stock and bond in the same company), exposure to sectors, and issuer concentration

– Analyze coverage for ETFs and their underlying equity instruments.

– Complete portfolio What-If analysis to simulate potential trades

– Provides pre- and post-trade compliance reporting

– Generate total returns for a users portfolio at any time or for any time period

BondEdges equities tools are offered as an optional module within the BondEdge system, which is available as an on-site software installation or through an OnDemand Software as a Service (SaaS) option.