Credit Suisse Releases Crossfinder Form ATS

Credit Suisse is going public.

The bulge bracket firm announced it has released its Form ATS for its Crossfiunder dark poool, according to a press release from Pankil Patel and Eugene Cho, co-heads of AES Americas at Credit Suisse.

So far, Credit Suisse is the only budge bracket firm to disclose its dark pool’s registration form. Liquidnet and IEX have opted to disclose their registrations already.

See the Form ATS

In an e-mail to Traders, the bulge firm said it commended FINRA on releasing ATS volume data today via its website, noting the benefit of increased transparency in the U.S. equities market. the bulge firm decided to do the same and release its ATS’ registration information.

“It is in the same spirit that we have decided to make available Crossfinder’s Form ATS,” the e-mail said. The form ATS was attached to the e-mail send to Traders. Because the Form ATS is a document prepared for regulators, Credit Suisse also sent a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Crossfinder.

Crossfinder was the largest broker-dealer operated dark pool until it ceased reporting its trading volumes in April of 2013. Merrill Lynch Bank of America, JPMorgan and Fidelity Capital Markets also do not report their dark pool volumes.