TradeZero Introduces Investor Choice for Trade Execution

TradeZero America, a Brooklyn, New York-based online broker dealer that provides commission-free stock and options trading, announced that it has introduced a new innovation for the more active traders on its platform.  Traders can now select the specific destination where orders are routed for execution, a service that is commission free for investors who maintain a minimum account balance of $30,000.

“Many trading platforms allow investors to designate the individual market center where buy and sell orders are routed for execution, but there is typically a commission.  At TradeZero, we’re providing this service commission free for our more active traders who maintain higher balances with us.  TradeZero America will pass the rebate along to the investor, potentially offsetting per share cost. Essentially, you’re getting paid to trade,” said Dan Pipitone, TradeZero America co-founder.

Launched in 2019, TradeZero America provides commission-free trading, with direct access to U.S. stock and options market centers and professional-level tools for retail investors.  TradeZero America offers a suite of easy-to-use desktop, Web-based and mobile platforms for all types of traders, so investors can choose the level that’s right for them.

TradeZero America also offers robust capability for short selling, providing access to hard-to-borrow stocks for shorting with a stock locate feature built into all of its platforms.  The locator allows investors to sell their shares to other traders on the platform, a feature that is patent-pending to TradeZero.

TradeZero America provides the individual investor with professional-grade tools, such as Level 2 stock data and hotkeys, typically used by professional traders and hedge funds.  TradeZero America has extended trading hours, from 4 am ET to 8 pm ET, so investors can trade pre-market or after market close.