Ten Key Regulatory Challenges for 2020

2020 brings a new decade of business change that will be directly confronted with regulatory and policy mandates of fairness, safety, and protection.

In our new paper, KPMG Regulatory Insights evaluates how, in 2020, five business imperatives—technology transformation, customer interaction, payments modernization, market expansion, and cost efficiencies—will force new and differing regulatory risks and concerns. Links provided throughout also showcase KPMG’s thought leadership and forward-looking perspectives.

We hope this paper will provide you with valuable insights to consider throughout 2020. The Key Regulatory Challenges of 2020 include:

  1. Geopolitical change
  2. Divergent regulation
  3. Data protection and governance
  4. Operational resilience
  5. Credit quality
  6. Capital and liquidity shifts
  7. Compliance agility
  8. Financial crime
  9. Customer trust
  10. Ethical conduct

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