Cloud-Based Hedge Funds Gain Efficiency and Data Security

Cloud-based Hedge Funds Report Gains in Efficiency and Data Security but Struggle with Data Unification 

New Enfusion research finds hedge funds experience steady headcount, enhanced data security and boost in overall efficiency after migrating to the cloud

New York / London / Hong Kong, October 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Enfusion, a leading global provider of investment management technology solutions and services, today released a report that reveals hedge fund managers are growing more comfortable with moving data to the cloud in order to enhance operational value, but find data management their greatest challenge as well as their top spending priority for the year ahead.  

At a time when cloud adoption is accelerating across the financial services industry, Enfusion’s in-depth survey of 56 hedge funds managers uncovers the state of cloud in the industry, managers’ system preferences and hosting decisions, data management challenges, as well as the lessons traditional asset managers can learn from cloud-based hedge funds. 

“The shift in acceptance and adoption of cloud-based technology marks an inflection point for the industry as investment management firms of all sizes adapt to the digital working world,” said Thomas Kim, CEO of Enfusion. “This research reinforces what we’ve known at Enfusion for years, that having a strong data fabric and unified, integrated infrastructure hosted natively in the cloud leads to cost savings, enhanced data management, and better performance through operational efficiency.” 

State of the Cloud

Hedge fund managers that are fully or partially using cloud unanimously reported improvements in operational efficiency with 96% stating they have maintained the same level of operational staffing post-migration and none have reduced headcount. Fully and partially cloud-based managers (72% and 50%) also said migration to the cloud improved data security, and two-thirds of the fully cloud-based firms report improvements in cybersecurity as well as better protection of their intellectual property. 

Despite expressed security benefits, the majority (81%) of hedge fund managers operating a predominantly on-prem infrastructure say concerns over data security hold them back from full cloud migration, while legacy systems are the second most commonly cited reason among on-prem and hybrid (partially cloud-based) managers as the biggest roadblock. 

Cloud adoption has also led nearly half of all managers (44%) to be more open to outsourcing. In fact, HFM Insights found that in Q2 2019, 70% of hedge fund managers were already outsourcing at least some of their operations, with that trend most prevalent among smaller managers (<$250m) at 86%.

Smaller managers (<$1bn AUM) are also twice as likely (44%) to launch in the cloud compared to more mature managers. The smallest hedge fund managers (<$250m) are most likely to leverage machine learning and AI tools within their business.

Getting to a Golden Data Set

Data is the lifeblood of any investment manager, however, generating and acquiring more data creates new considerations and challenges as well as opportunities for hedge fund managers of all sizes. 

The largest hedge fund managers (>$5bn) are most likely to struggle with unifying data from multiple sources (75%). When it comes to small managers (<$250m), two-thirds (65%) express difficulty with unifying their data, and 29% find data duplication a challenge. 

To tackle the challenge of disparate data, over half (57%) of hedge fund managers plan to increase their spend on unifying data from multiple sources in the year ahead. 

For managers in North America, APAC, and Europe, investment in data management varies, however hedge funds in APAC expressed the highest levels of commitment to rectifying this issue. 

·           Seventy-three percent of North American hedge funds state multi-source data as a challenge, but only 50% plan to invest in addressing it.

·           One hundred percent of APAC managers plan to invest in challenges with disparate data despite only 40% feeling it was a problem in their business. Three-fifths of APAC managers also plan to increase spend on unifying data from their front, middle, and back-office systems.

·           In Europe, 40% of managers plan to ramp up spending to improve the provision of data insights to clients. 

“Today more than ever, creating an operational infrastructure that works best for your business requires many complex decisions,” said Dan Groman, Enfusion’s SVP, Global Head of Technology. “The key for investment managers is to match infrastructure to ambition, ensuring your technology stack can meet the functional requirements today and your comfort level for risk as you grow, while also unlocking the full potential that accurate and real-time data can offer.” 

For more information on the report, titled “FUTUREPROOF: Creating an Operational Infrastructure to Match Your Ambition” visit:

Survey Methodology

The findings of the report are derived from three key sources: a proprietary survey of hedge fund operations and technology professionals; interviews with hedge fund COOs and CTOs conducted in-person and by telephone; and online research. Survey responses were gathered during the first quarter of 2020, with 56 unique hedge fund management firms participating. The respondents were based in North America, Europe, and APAC, with the US and the UK accounting for the lion’s share. 

About Enfusion 

Enfusion’s investment management software-as-a-service platform removes traditional information boundaries, uniting front, middle and back office teams on one cloud-based system and across one golden data set. Through our industry-leading software, analytics and managed services, we create enterprise-wide cultures of real-time, data-driven intelligence, boosting agility and powering growth.

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