Sterling Trading Tech Upgrades OMS

Sterling Trading Tech (STT), a provider of multi-asset class technology solutions for the capital markets, has announced enhanced functionality for its order management system (OMS).

With advanced features that include a risk-based rules engine and the ability to trade fractional shares, the system offers broker-dealers and their traders unprecedented power and flexibility.

Designed for high-throughput specifications, the upgrades place the Sterling OMS among the fastest and most robust OMS solutions on the market today.

STT’s infrastructure provides exceptional stability and scalability, allowing for the handling of increased volumes and order flow.

Employing a REST API interface, the Sterling OMS also integrates easily with users’ other existing systems. The system is designed to easily incorporate additional features and grow along with user demand.

Emblematic of Sterling’s forward-looking approach to product development is the just-released functionality to support the trading of fractional shares.

While many contemporary OMS systems do not have this functionality, STT added it to its OMS as fractional shares have become common in the current trading environment, particularly in the retail trading segment.

Enhanced features include adjustable platform parameters to match clients’ particular needs, advanced pre-trade risk capabilities and a new risk-based rules engine that provides greater flexibility in managing order flow.

Additional highlights of the upgraded system include:

  • Enhanced support for pre-trade equities and options margin (single and complex) calculations, along with controls for RegT, Pattern Day Trading and Portfolio Margin
  • Expanded pre-trade risk controls
  • Direct connectivity to a wide network of broker-dealers, exchanges and other market venues
  • Conditional and advanced order types
Ravi Jain

“Sterling has always been committed to an innovative approach that helps our clients have access to the best of breed technology in the capital markets,” said Ravi Jain, Chief Product Officer of Sterling Trading Tech.

“Our team has developed an OMS that is robust, highly preformant and supports large throughput to scale to meet increasing demand. We’ve been pleased with the rapid traction and adoption the system has received,” he added.

Sterling Trading Tech’s OMS and infrastructure solutions simplify workflows and enable clients to scale with confidence, managing risk and compliance requirements through a single interface.

The updated OMS joins a suite of equity, equity options and futures trading solutions as well as a real-time, cloud-based risk and margin system.