Kepler Cheuvreux Teams Up with Plia

Kepler Cheuvreux has partnered with Plia to meet client demand for the Know Your Broker (KYB) platform.

Bill Stephenson

Bill Stephenson, Chairman of Plia, said: “With the increasing need and demand for information by asset managers about their counterparties, the ability to leverage a platform like Plia makes the process much more manageable for both sides of the Street.”

“We are excited to have Kepler Cheuvreux added to our growing list of partners, further strengthening the platform with network effects. Kepler Cheuvreux is a leader in European execution services, and we look forward to collaborating with them on best practices for the industry.”

With over 50 broker-dealers utilizing Plia KYB globally, Kepler Cheuvreux has become the latest major financial firm to embrace the platform to gain efficiencies in the communication process with asset management clients.

The past year marks the third complete year that Plia has been deeply engaged with the European marketplace, buoyed by the strategic partnership with the Plato Partnership in early 2020. 

Stephenson said: “Europe has been a leader in best execution due diligence, which has helped many firms in the industry define benchmarks and standards for global markets. Despite the distractions through the pandemic years, 2021 and 2022 were very strong in terms of onboarding both buy-side and sell-side firms. Asset managers representing over $30 trillion in AUM are now utilizing Plia’s due diligence tools, and the demand for transparency continues to increase.” 

Chris McConville, Managing Director at Kepler Cheuvreux, said: “I am excited to officially onboard Plia platform at KC, the Execution activity of Kepler Cheuvreux.” 

“With the introduction of the Plia European Standard Questionnaire in 2020 through industry collaboration, the process to initiate and complete a due diligence process has decreased dramatically. The process that could take over a month has now been reduced to a few days through standardization.”

McConville added: “As the markets become increasingly complex, we view Plia’s platform as an intelligent way further to differentiate our trading services and best execution process. Plia will make it easy for our clients to analyse our service proposition in the European markets, which we think helps foster constructive communication and collaboration. We look forward to working with our clients on the Plia platform and expect increased efficiency in responding to their inquiries.”

Source: Kepler Cheuvreux