E*TRADE is Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Robo-Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management announced plans to consolidate its robo-advisor offering, Access Investing, within the E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley ecosystem.

The updates are part of the E*TRADE integration as Morgan Stanley seeks to leverage the strengths of each product offered in its suite. Core Portfolios, currently offered by E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC, is specifically designed to help meet the needs of digitally inclined investors and exists within E*TRADE’s award-winning1 digital brokerage platform, making it a natural home for Morgan Stanley’s robo-advisor.

Core Portfolios offers a managed, diversified portfolio that can be set up online in minutes. Following a short series of questions, investors receive a recommendation for a model portfolio recommendation and can invest with a $500 minimum and a 0.30% annual fee. Clients can further personalize portfolios with Smart Beta and Socially Responsible strategies. The model portfolios leverage the intellectual capital and market analysis of Morgan Stanley’s Global Investment Office. Clients have access to a team of financial professionals2 to discuss the markets and potential impacts to their portfolio, while also assisting with more complex situations as they arise. Core Portfolios is currently being offered with no advisory wrap fee to new accounts for a limited time.3

A new “Balanced” 50% equity and 50% fixed-income and cash model portfolio was added to the Core Portfolios model lineup in September. Additionally, over the next several months Core Portfolios will work to add premium features from Morgan Stanley Access Investing, including tax-loss harvesting, which can help manage tax consequences. 4

“Throughout the integration we have looked for opportunities to combine Morgan Stanley’s deep wealth management expertise with E*TRADE’s digital prowess,” said Chad Turner, Head of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Digital Direct Channel. “Today represents an important step in that effort, wherein we are combining the most sought-out features of both Core Portfolios and Access Investing to offer an exceptional experience for digitally inclined and beginning investors. This is another powerful example of how we can help meet clients at every step of their financial journey.”

Morgan Stanley Access Investing will soft close to new clients in December.

Source: Morgan Stanley